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Promises of HA

Young skin is characterized by certain features. What we most often appreciate visually is its nice pink undertones, smooth even texture. lack of spots, wrinkles and what seems like a poreless landscape. So what happens to this perfect canvas as we age? There are a multitude of factors which help contribute to our new reality. Some factors which contribute to aging include the following: we start to breakdown collagen faster than we build it, the vasculature responsible for giving nutrition to our skin becomes compromised, melanocyte activity (the cells which control pigment) gets disrupted or stimulated, our skin’s ability to protect itself and retain its water content declines, the fibrous bands which are responsible to keep our skin smooth and tight loosen and become unorganized. Although genetics plays a role in how skin functions and appears with age, there are many factors which can accelerate our natural tendencies and therefore cause us to age prematurely. External factors are major contributors and include sundamage, pollution, wind, toxins, hormone surges and less than ideal diets. Preventative lifestyle habits, good skin care, sun avoidance, healthy diet and nutritional supplementation can all help protect us from these external aging influences. Thankfully for those of us that may have neglected our skin while preoccupied with enjoying life… there are treatments. In fact, there are a multitude of treatments which can help restore and maintain both health and youthfulness. They work to reinforcement and stimulate key processes responsible for optimal skin function and beauty.
The ideal treatment would serve to do all of the following: improve microcirculation to help utilize nutrients better and remove toxins, hydrate the skin, improve fibroblast activity and therefore elastin and collagen production, encourage collagen remodeling and heighten skin’s immune response so to fix problems as they come. In theory, an improvement in any of these aging attributes can help us regain that healthy, thick, even and smooth complexions once again. Sounds amazing right? It is…but many times not simple. As discussed preciously, there are many ways to help stimulate our skin to behaving like its youthful self again… Special diets, lasers, peels, light and energy devices can all help rehabilitate aged skin. I plan to address each category of therapy with you in future posts. The right modality depends on your age, the level of damage you have, specific skin type, the downtime you can sacrifice and economic considerations.

In this three post series, I would like to talk about promises of youth via needles. I know sounds intimidating and even scary, but in reality are quite simple, easy to endure procedures. In comparison to other treatments, these have little downtime and side effects. When performed by experienced clinicians they can offer vast benefits with little trauma. A skilled injector can provide low to no pain treatments’ which allow you to return to your daily life by next day. I have seen patients which have visited the clinic with lifeless, tired looking skin returning after these treatments with revived, plump and happy skin. In each post I will discuss a different youth infiltration technique which have shown tremendous value in terms of prevention and treatment of aging skin.

In this first part of the series I will discuss MesoLift, also known in some clinics as MesoGlow, rejuvenation technique. Although I have not tried these treatments first hand I have seen benifits in both my own patients, as well as in patients of visiting clinics and I am a believer in the magic of its benefits.  Part 2/3 will discuss a procedure called Plasma Rich Protein therapy and in Part 3/3 I will discuss a procedure which injects Stem Cell rich fat for rejuvenation. I hope you enjoy learning about the endless posibilities!


What is it?

Meso-Lift/Glow is the name given to mesotherapy procedure when done for the purpose of facial rejuvenation. Mesotherapy is the procedure which uses a tiny needle to inject small quantities’ of a customized formulation of active ingredients for therapeutic or aesthetic benefits. Within these formulations we can commonly find pharmaceutical or homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid and many other ingredients which have shown to induce healthy and improved function of tissues. Although the Parisian born procedure has been a mainstay aesthetic treatment in Europe since its development in 1952 , it has only been introduced to the US during the last 5-6 years. Uses of mesotherapy range from fat and cellulite treatments, to hair regrowth, scar and stretchmark therapy. The focus in this post will be on its’ uses to diminish wrinkles, rejuvenate skin and restore youthful overall appearance.

What are the ingredients commonly used  in the Meso-Lift procedure and why?

Vitamins C, D and E  replenish skin of any deficiency and work as strong antioxidants to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis and improve immune function of skin. Minerals help reinforce biological metabolism of skin and therefore improve function, circulation and elimination of toxins. Amino acids help form structural molecular elements in proteins and therefore allow more efficient construction of the strong architectural foundation found in youthful skin.  Coenzymes are used to help activate biochemical reactions and nucleic acid serve to stimulate natural synthesis of proteins. All these ingredients are depleted in skin which has suffered premature ageing.

Of all ingredients commonly used in MesoLift/Glow procedures hyaluronic acid (HA) is the most valued.  In fact according to Dr. Ana Molina, one of my favorite Skin Savantess’s, the mesotherapy product Restylane Vital is the best for skin rejuvenation. Restylane Vital is a HA based product specifically formulated for a MesoLift/Glow procedure. it is the precious filler which provides mechanical cushioning of our skin matrix (made of predominately collagen and elastin). Hyaluronic acid gives our skin volume, suppleness, regulates tissue repair, immune function and inflammatory responses and holds moisture. Since we inevitably lose concentration of HA as we age,  complementing HA in treatments is vital in preserving health of our cellular skin matrix.  “Restylane Vital gives unsurpassed hydration and overall fullness to the skin, its ideal as a base treatment for softening wrinkles and treating dull and tired looking skin, ” explains Dr. Molina. “I also love to combine it with other treatments such as Radiofrequency or PRP”.  PRP and Radiofrequency are great rejuvenating procedures that I will cover future posts!!!

More about Restylane Vital?

Restylane products are superior HA containing products due to fact they uses predominately NAS Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA). NASHA bioengineered HA is engineered to be almost identical to the HA found in human skin and cross-linked and converted into a stable gel. Because of its structural similarity to our native HA it casues low rate of allergic reactions.  Depending on the size of the molecules it is dispersed in, it can be used as a rejuvenating product (Vital), or filler for different areas of concern, wrinkles or volume loss (Restylane, Restylane-L, Perlane, and Perlane-L).

Benefits to skin?

Skin appears thicker, smoother (with less apparent wrinkles), radiant and texturally more elastic and firm.

Advantages of Mesolift in comparision to other treatments?

  • Fast procedure with minimal discomfort and down time. MesoLift/Glow usually takes only about half hour. Topical anesthetic cream can be used for sensitive patients. Redness associated with treatment usually subsides within 12 hours. If combined with a nourishing face mask and Vit K cream, treatment may cause less irritation. ). “The normal case scenario is that skin suffers very little trauma so patient can return to normal social life quickly”, states Dr. Molina.
  • Cost friendly procedure. Session prices range from 150-200 dollars or euros.
  •  A great supplement to improve aesthetic outcomes of other procedures such as lasers and surgeries. “when the skin health is improved we then can count on more predictable, faster and natural appearing results,” states Dr. Ana Molina.
  • Can serve to regain skin tone of previously hard to treat areas such as legs, neck, arms and hands.


  • Involve needles which sometime mean dozens of tiny injection sites. The use of an injection gun can help decrease anxiety revolving around the dependence of needles and skills of the injector. Injection pens make it very tolerable, easy and quick to preform (15 min)
  • Bruising can occur.
  • Not regulated by the FDA and no formal training program in the USA.
  • Needs to be repeated to appreciate and maintain benefits. Mesolift procedures like most mesotherapy procedures require several treatments prior to seeing visible results. Many times you need 3-4 treatments scheduled every few weeks. The effect are cumulative so when repeated regularly will serve to improve collagen and elastin concentration and overall health and function of treated skin.
  • Different brands, compositions mean that you need to do your research and trust your doctor as to define which formula is right for you.

Mesolift is used in Europe as a quick easy fast and relatively inexpensive way to refresh tired looking complexions. Women usually start at first signs of aging and swear that it is the secret to maintaining youthfulness. In the US, since not regulated by FDA many doctors are reluctant to use the technique for skin rejuvenation. Since FDA only regulates products and not procedures MesoLift is unlikely to be accepted as mainstream treatment.   With the right research and the right doctor MesoLift could be the right treatment for you! It’s fast, easy, safe and allows you to return to normal life almost immediately! I love the results as I have seen many transform quickly. It is true it’s not for everyone but I encourage you to talk to your doctor and see if right for you!


3 Responses to “Youth Injections : Part I/3 MesoLift Rejuvenation”

  1. Charlie

    Interesting but are there any serums, creams etc that contain similar (albeit less potent) ingredients, such as HA, against which injection treatment could be compared? Also, is there a list of approved clinics where such treatments are performed in Barcelona? I imagine that fears of unregulated practitioners would put many people off trying these treatments.
    Good luck with the blog.

    • AntiAgeing Savantess

      Hi Charlie, Yes there are serums and topical creams that contain such vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, HA beneficial to skin health and mantainence but the problem is getting them into the dermis where we need them to cause the types of effects we have discussed in the blog. There is a whole sector of dermatology studing nanotechnology….the study of making certain ingredients so small that they can effectively penetrate the skin to get to where we need them. There will definately be some products introduced in the future for aesthetic purposes but we have some years to await the results of certain studies and testing. Until then, we need the assistance of lasers, needles and other a bit more aggresive therapies to stimulate the dermis to remodel and regenerate itself. I will talk,in future posts, about products which have shown some promise in more superficial rejuvination and also in some other procedures for those who prefer to stay away from needles (retin A, Radiofrequency devices and Clear and Brilliant laser are some examples). I hope I addressed some of your inquiries. I think you would enjoy my post “3 steps to Brighter Skin”…..please check it out! Take Care!


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