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PRP and The Vampire Factor

I’m pretty excited to share with you another treatment that promises your skin a second chance at looking and behaving younger! For a recap on what happens to skin as we age, check our the introduction to my “Youth Injection” series here. The therapy I’m discussing in this post,  uses our bodies’ natural source of Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP). It’s natural, safe, quite simple to perform and best of all can help your skin recover from years of accumulative wear and tear! Sounds amazing right?

This innovative therapy is the latest buzz around the globe not because of its difficulty or controversial nature but because the SOURCE of its promises of immortality. PRPs value to skin health, youth and regenerative power seem quite in line with the desires of some of our most beloved fictional villains. It seems for the first time BLOOD may be a rich commodity for mankind and vampires a like.

blood red woman

Yes, PRP is a derivative of our own blood, for this reason PRP therapy is popularly referred to as “The Blood Facial”. A decade ago anything to do with blood may have caused many to squirm with a bit of uneasiness. This uneasiness has recently changed to something closer to genuine intrigue.  With all the current vampire craze (Twilight, Vampire diaries and such), most find these immortals dependence with blood quite fascinating. I mean. anything that can help them maintain their classic beauty, eternal youth,  and impressive physiques, century after century must be looked into..right? It is therefore no surprise, in this Vampire conditioned population, the beauty power of “The Blood Facial” be so excepted and sought after.

brad pit as vampire

The History

Studies have confirmed that blood contains growth factors and stem cells which have the ability to regenerate tissue. Use of PRP has been dated back since the 1970s. Fortunately, for those of you  who have been waiting  for an “organic rejuvenation method”,  the medical world has decided to apply these investigated benefits to clinical practice in aesthetics. PRP is now accepted worldwide as a clinically valid method of improving the health of various tissues and skin, contributing to restoration of its youthful function. Although popularized in the 1990s as a therapeutic treatment in orthopedic medicine (musculoskeletal injuries), it is today considered mainstream for its’ anti-aging skin benefits. Japan and Europe have been applying it to aesthetic practice since 2004 while doctors in the US embraced PRP therapy about 6 years ago, in 2009. As more and more doctors are becoming aware of the benefits and becoming skilled  in applying its technique, we can now seek out this cutting edge yet natural rejuvenation method from our favorite aesthetic professionals.

Why can PRP be referred to as natural or organic?

PRP is a treatment which uses the body’s own regenerative power to restore healthy tissue function. Specifically it uses regenerative power which lies in our very own blood and more specifically in our platelets. Aesthetically, doctors are using it promote healthy skin circulation, collagen production, decrease the appearance of wrinkles, scars and discolorations of the skin without any artificial or exogenous (made outside of body) substances. The treatment improves skin in terms of texture, color and thickness using only the components naturally found in your own blood.

blood needle

What is it about the Platelets?

Platelets are essential for normal hemostasis (control of bleeding and clot formation, the first phase of wound healing). Too few platelets mean risk of uncontrolled bleeding and prolonged healing to any minor injury. Too many in your overall circulatory system, means increased risk of blood clot formation and with this also an increased risk of blood clot causing stroke.

In PRP therapy, we not so much interested in the platelets function themselves, but their contents. Within the alpha granule portion of each platelet, lies its ability to enhance tissue repair and regeneration. By stimulating a process called degranulation, we can liberate the contents of these alpha granules and benefit from their rich components. These components include healing proteins, cytokines (cell messengers important for immune function) and growth factors. The release of these proteins and growth factors work to initiate processes to repair DNA, promote stem cell proliferation and their differentiation, resulting in advanced tissue repair and regeneration responses.

How is the procedure performed?

The treatment begins when your nurse or doctor removes a vial of blood from your arm and place in a tube with a gel that helps segregate the platelet rich portion. This is comparable to the removal of blood for a simple blood analysis. Immediately after the blood is placed in a special centrifuge machine which spins for approximately 9 minutes until the blood separates the cellular component (containing platelet poor plasma, Red and White Blood Cells) from the platelet rich plasma. Once separated the plasma portion rich in platelets is carefully removed with a syringe and activated by calcium chloride to release the growth factors and bioactive proteins. This activated plasma is then divided in to tiny syringes (like those used for Botox), ready to be injected into your skin.

seperating PRPPRP plasma

Your doctor will then inject the PRP into either specific areas of concern (along wrinkles, or an especially weakened or damaged area of skin) or in an even fashion over the entire area for general rejuvenation. PRP is can be used to rejuvenate entire face, chest, hands or several of these areas together.

method of blood facial

Topical anesthetic could be used to numb the area 20-40 min prior to the injections although, most, claim little discomfort.

Treatments are usually done 2-3 times, in eight week intervals. Some, start to take notice of visual improvements within a few weeks, however, we encourage waiting 2-3 months to appreciate full effect of a single treatment.

Benefits to skin?

By injecting these activated platelets under skin, we can achieve an accelerated skin rejuvenation which would have never been possible under normal circumstances. By using PRP, we can push skin into enhanced repair mode and stimulate renovation of the skin where it needs it the most. PRP works to activate the immune system to remove damaged cells and stimulates more collagen and elastin, ultimately creating thicker, firmer and healthier tissue.  It can also help improve microcirculation of the skin, repairing damaged blood vessels and assuring the skin better nutrition, oxygenation and toxin removal.

In general, the skin will visibly appear fuller and more youthful. You will be able to appreciate a softening of wrinkling, folds or scarring. Skin will improve in terms of overall color, tone, pore size, texture and you may even appreciate a subtle lifting effect.

Results will vary, depending on your age, overall health, extent of skin damage you have present, your nutrition and lifestyle factors (smoking and alcohol consumption). The more damaged your skin is , the more sessions that you may require to see full benefits. As with most treatments, if you are a heavy smokers, abuse alcohol or drugs you may see little benefit from PRP. Also if you have a chronic illnesses requiring you to take many medications PRP might not be appropriate an appropriate option. If you are interested in PRP and its benefits find someone who can evaluate your specific case! It’s an amazing antiaging tool but as with all procedures, is not for everyone!

PRP eyesPRP face

Some advantages of PRP in comparison to other treatments?

  • Use of platelets native to one’s own blood means the treatment is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and with extremely low incidence of side effects
  • Even when used alone adds natural fullness to face without necessity of more aggressive fillers or aesthetic treatments
  • Well established studies in area of sports medicine prove benefits of PRP to healing  and its ability to reduce need for surgical intervention .
  • Can be used to rejuvenate harder to treat and delicate areas such as skin around eyes, neck, chest and hands
  • Can be used to rejuvenate several problematic areas in one session.
  • Tolerability of procedure means little dependence on topical anesthesia.
  • Simple and quick treatment, usually an hour-long office visit is sufficient for entire preparation and procedure.
  • PRP can offer additional benefits in other areas of body, including use in scalp treatment to stimulate healthy hair growth.
  • Cost friendly procedure. Session prices range from $300-400 dollars per area (250-350 euros).
  • It is also frequently being used to  using it to improve out comes of other aesthetic procedures such as chemical peels, lasers and radiofrequency treatments and even pre-surgery to assure optimal healing
  • Most see results lasting for 18 months

PRP neck

Are there any disadvantages?

  • Involve needles or other invasive technique (dermaroller) to get into skin
  • May cause a bit more swelling than other aesthetic procedures such as Botox or fillers.
  • Takes 2-3 months to see full benefit of treatment
  • In cases of advanced aging or sun damage, PRP therapy will most probably not serve your aesthetic goals when used alone. Along with nutritional support, the use of lasers, dermal fillers or other advanced procedures will be recommended.
  • Those with autoimmune disorders, liver conditions or blood disorders are most likely not appropriate candidates for PRP.

Want to get more out of your PRP session?

For those who want to see a bit more benefit from their PRP session, the famed Beverly Hills RN, Sylvia Silvestri suggests an upgrade version called The Vampire FaceLift! Hollywood is going wild about the Vampire FaceLift results and everyone, including celeberties, are signing up without hesitation.  The fact that each guest at the OSCARS got a Vampire Facelift in their gift bags this year, says something about the value the treatment carries.

According to the Silvia Silvestri,  The Vampire Facelift reaps all the benefits of PRP, with the additional enhancement provided by those treatments which use Hyaluronic acid (HA products such as Restylane, Perlane and Juvaderm).

“The Vampire Facelift is a trademarked procedure that combines an HA and PRP. It is administered in a specific technique which requires that doctors and nurses be trained and certified before they can offer the procedure” explains Silvestre, the national trainer of the trademarked Vampire Facelift procedure.

Beverly Hills RN Sylvia Silvestre

The official Vampire FaceLift Trainer

What additional benefits do we see by adding Hyaluronic acid to the PRP?

“The HA serves as a scaffold structure for the PRP, and patients typically only need one treatment. PRP injected on its own without an HA sometimes requires more than one session,” explains Silvestri.

As explained in my previous post, The MesoLift Rejuvenation, HA is extremely hydrating, adds suppleness and additional structure to the skin, It also allows contouring power to the aesthetic practitioner, allowing additional fullness to be placed where needed and enhancing the rejuvenating power of the PRP.

Results are incredible to say the least. The only downfall? ….the cost. The Vampire Facelift costs $1000-1500 on average and therefore make the otherwise economical PRP treatment, a financial investment one must be prepared for..

To see a link of the procedure being done, I have attached the following you tube video Its a part of a series called Dirty Little Beauty Secrets featuring the Vampire Facelift performed by Dr Barnes in Newport Beach, CA. I chose this video because its short, sweet and kinda fun!

For more information on the Vampire Facelift click here. For those of you who may be doctors, or other medically licensed professionals, and want to get trained to perform this amazing treatment, contact the official Vampire Facelift trainer, Silvestre directly at

Bloods AntiAging promise: Benefiting from the “Vampire Factor”

PRP offers you a natural alternative to other injectable or laser rejuvenation procedures.  By using only components naturally found in your own blood (including the blood derived growth factors which I refer to as “Vampire factors”), it can stimulate the skin to behave and appear more youthful, accelerate healing of any damaged tissue and create and environment for graceful ageing. If you can get past the needles and the blood… you may have an ideal way to economically restore skin health. If you’re looking to optimize other aesthetic procedures by providing the skin with a healthy base for healing and renovation, PRP therapy might be the right option for you. Talk to your aesthetic practitioner and find out if they are trained in PRP and if they feel you could benefit. It seems we can learn a thing or two from our vampire friends; a little blood may not give us immortality but can certainly enhance our aesthetic reality.


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