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showing skin

Let’s get skin in shape for the warm weather!

With the cold and dry weather finally giving skin a break, it’s time to get ready to show some more skin!!

Body skin care is often overlooked. Our time, effort and money is most often funneled into taking care of our face… as it is the area of our body we see most often, and prize most. Because of this lack of care, it is most often a neglected body area that gives away our age. Time and time again, I see patients whose’ facial skin appears 10 years younger than the skin on their hands, chest or legs. It’s also because of this wrinkly stained and saggy skin that many women approaching their early 50s come in complaining of feeling old but not being able to afford the quite pricey and aggressive body corrective procedures.

Ladies, we need to start earlier and at home….with quality body skin care! I agree, this is easier said than done but spring time can be an ideal time to research and invest in a nice product or two. Recovery from winter skin will help prep skin for exhibition in the summer and also prioritize spring as a time for body enhancement!!

Even though nutrition, exercise and some TLC from your dermatologist or other aesthetic specialist may be in order… you can begin with the use of a functional product…. And then access if further attention is needed.

Good products for the body are hard to find….they tend to incorporate cheaper ingredients which don’t really do much more than just quench dry skin temporarily! Below, I list a few of my selected favorites. I have bunched them in two phases. The first involves “Polishing and Renew” and the second is “Repair Plump, and Nurturing”. For most, I recommend using one product from each category. You may want to start with a “Polish and Renew” product, then incorporate a “Repair, Plump and Nurture” as you see fit.

PHASE 1: Polish and Repair

– Out with the old and in with the new….let’s get fresh, healthy cells to the skin surface stimulating healthier activity and glow.

Option 1:  A Reboot for Dry, Flaky Aged Skin

Body retexturing treatment-SC

Skin Ceuticals Body Retexuring Treatment 200 ml

Exfoliiates and stimulates using only the most scientific ingredients. Skin will rapidly transform and appear more even, smooth and become soft to touch.  To be used one to two times daily until you achieve your desired result, then on a weekly basis for maintenance.

  • Key Ingredients include:17.7% hydroxyethyl urea/aminosulfonic acid compound (stimulates cellular renewal and restores normal cellular activity), 4% Niacinimide (a form of vitamin B3, calms via anti-inflammatory effects), Hyaluronic Acid (improves hydration capacity).  Leaves skin smoother, with improved tone and overall appearance.
  • Where? Doctors office,, $60

Option 2: A Luxurious Gentle Way to Revitalize Skin

La Prarie Cellular Body Exfolliator


This product is a bit pricey but may serve as your go-to product when prepping for a special event. It leaves skin refined, silky and smooth. I know many that use this product prior to doing any skin bronzing. Its ultra-fine texture doesn’t leave any residue, its prefect for assuring polished skin surface.

  • Key Ingredients include: Mineral-rich gem powders, rosa centifola, smithsonite extract and La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex.
  • Where? Department stores, Cosmetic Boutiques, Online. $125

Option 3: A Natural Detoxifying and Smoothing Gel For Younger Skin Types.


Jurlique Body Exfoliating Gel-300ml

This product offers the amazing experience of gentle exfoliation, detoxification and nutrient/antioxidant infusion, all in one! Skin is left soft, protected and visibly more radiant. Best applied after shower or bathing.

  • Ingredients include: Walnut Shell Powder (gently exfoliates), Witch Hazel, Rosemary, Tea Tree Oil, (balance skin), avocado oil, lactic acid and glycerin (soften skin), Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extracts, Grapefruit Extracts and Vitamin A, C, E(antioxidants and vitamins, protect and restore normal function) .
  • Where? Online, $40

Option 4: Organic Spa-Like Body Cutis Rejuvenation

NEOM luxury Organic Scrub

NEOM Real Luxury: Organic Body Scrub 332 g

This is a rich, pampering sugar based scrub, infused with nutrient rich oils. Leaves skin soft, enriched and radiant.  This product is great for those who want to enjoy their pampering experience and disconnect as they truly connect with the products essence.

  • Ingredients include: Along with an organic sugar base, many oils infused in this dreamy skin potion.  Of these oils, two of the most beneficial are its’ Safflower & Jojoba oil with added Vitamin E. Most of these oils serve to soften, balance and restore skin health. Pure essential oils, (Lavender, Jasmine & Brazilian Rosewood), give it its’ famed relaxing and luxurious scent.
  • Where? Online from UK site…but deliver almost everywhere for a price! 32 British Pounds

Option 5: Refreshing and Hydrating Way to Reinvigorate Skin

Clarin body exfoliator for new skin

Clarins Smoothing Body Scrub For a New Skin– 200ml

Using the polishing power of bamboo powder, an essential skin toners and effective detoxifiers, leaves skin feeling fresh, smooth and healthy.  Rich emollients are added to assure a hydrated skin base.

  • Ingredients include: Bamboo powders (natural silica micro beads exfoliate and renew) Moringa extract (pulls out skin impurities), Mimosa Tenuiflora (nurtures and repairs) and Cyamopsis and Shea (hydrate and protect).
  • Where? Online, Cosmetic Boutiques, Department Stores $36

PHASE 2: Repair Plump, Tone and Nurture

-Get active ingredients in to activate healthier cell activity, promote collagen production and improve overall elasticity and tone.

Option 1: Tightening and Smoothing Treatment

Strivectin TL tightening body cream

Strivectin TL Tightening Body Cream -200ml

This is a hydrating, non-greasy cream which works to stimulate thicker, healthier skin. Although skin visually improves after only one application, the full effect is seen using twice daily application for 8 weeks.

  • Ingredients include:  NIA-114™+ protein technology to enhance collagen formation and a multitude of vitamin and antioxidant derivatives, essential oils and caffeine.
  • Where? Online, DrugStore $59

Option 2: Firming and Skin Strengthening Treatment

body tightening concentrate SC

Body Tightening Concentrate SkinCeuticals– 150ml

This product uses well researched ingredients to reinforce skin weakened by sun and aging. As most of you have guessed….Skin Ceuticals is probably my favorite line of Non-Organic products. They are marvelous at investigating and using high concentrations of safe and efficacious ingredients. This product is relatively new and I was ecstatic to hear they have incorporated wonder-ingredients in a body line…. I have no doubt your skin will transform.

  • 2.5% tripeptide (stimulates natural moisurizing and favors collagen production), 5% yeast extract (smooths and plumps fine lines), 2% hydrolyzed rice protein (helps tighten and firm skin).
  • Where? Doctors’ offices, online $75

Option 3 : Organic Plumping, Smoothing and Wrinkle Prevention Treatment

Eminence Monoi Age Corrective NIght Body

Monoi Age Corrective Night Body Cream by Eminence – 147 ml

Perfect for those who want and Organic way to stimulate collagen production, improve smoothness and prevent wrinkle formation. To be used only at night.

  • Ingredients include: Argan Stem Cell Complex (Argan Stem Cells and Nutmeg Seed actively work to plump, smooth and tighten skin), Monoi oil (from Tahiti), Argan Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Grapeseed oil, Hyaluronic Acid (derived from mushroom plant). Oils serve to nurture, balance and provide antioxidant protection to the skin.
  • Where? Online, Cosmetic Boutiques, Spas $37

Option 4: Organic Nourishing and Refining Serum

One Love Organic body Serum

One Love Organics® Aromatic Body Serum –90 ml

This serum is based on organic essential oils. It also incorporates an aromatherapy element and is applied as a body spray.  The pumpkin seed oil acts as a natural exfoliant and therefore works to improve cellular turnover and improve overall skin health and appearance. Leaves skin refreshed, smooth and protected. Product options include choice of four natural scents: Lavender decreases tension, Rose enhances wellbeing, Neroli energizes and Chamomile relaxes and calms.

Ingredients include: Organic plant oils. All four  feature a base of pumpkin seed oil, which contains natural salicylic acid to refine skin texture. Sea buckthorn oil, is another star ingredient which is known as a anti-aging omega 7 acids.

Where? Online, Cosmetic Boutiques $39

Option 5: A Ultra Hydrating and Contouring Lotion

Mary Kay Timewise Body

Mary Kay TimeWise Body™ Targeted-Action® Toning Lotion– 236ml

This lotion introduced to me just recently is getting raving reviews. The skin smoothing results you see after just a couple of weeks. With continued use, up to 81% are claiming firmer skin and even more defined curves as a result of the use of this lotion!

  • Key Ingredients: Glycerin Moisturizer/Hydrator,  Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Vitamin E derivitives, coffee extracts, Aesculus Hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut) Seed Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Argania Spinosa Kernel Extract, Pumpkin Fruit extract, Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract, Acai Fruit Extract and Myrtle Leaf extract. These natural extracts help tone, soothe and protect the skin via antioxidant properties.
  • Where? Find your local Mary Kay Consultant at $28



I hope from this list, you find at least a couple that fit your personal philosophy and budget!  I know with beauty care, things could get overwhelming; we must prioritize per season as to where to focus our attention. By investing consistently in small beauty protocols and by remembering to enforce with healthy diet and lifestyle, we can age at a more elegant pace. Aging well will ultimately avoid unnecessary consideration of pricey aesthetic procedures which may be drastic or even pose health risks.So let’s start with a few creams!

Some additional insight: Make sure to read instructions as some require twice daily use while others are only recommended at night. I many times recommend the exfoliating, or “peel like”, treatments at night, as they can irritate the skin and may cause concern if exposed to sunshine. I then suggest your vitamin rich, antioxidant creams in the morning, as they offer additional antioxidant protection from the environmental stressors which cause premature aging. For more on antioxidants click here! The exfoliators, once used consistently for a few weeks, can afterward be reserved for a weekly maintenance product (like before a sexy Saturday night out!).  If you’re exfoliating product doesn’t incorporate oils or other intense hydrators, I would then lather on a product using regenerating or nurturing oil. I love the Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil!!

Finally, remember to use sunscreen if going to be out in the sun for more than 10 minutes!! Protecting yourself from UV radiation is vital to keeping your skin youthful. I won’t discuss products in this post as I have topic on sun protection planned for May!  Until then, I wish you luck on your personal Body Project and hope you find joy in watching your skin transform from dull to brilliant this spring!

Cheers to warm nights, mini skirts and keeping it fresh!

Dry Legs Solutions

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healthy habit sign

Although, my life vocation is centered on the creation of beauty… health is my foremost objective and I make sure it’s never sacrificed. In fact, my premise has always been that when we cultivate health, the beauty will follow. Beauty is identified by both its interior and posterior components. We are our best version, when we are healthy…we radiate a light which transmits as balance of the mind and body.  With this balance we are able to help and inspire others to be responsible and gentle with one another and ultimately create a more intelligent society. I truly believe health and intelligence breeds happiness, less hunger and violence, and greater advancements.

As a wife and mother, I wish to help my family achieve optimal health by serving as a good role model. This means living happy, health consciously, and helping them stay away from hazards that may get in the way of them doing the same. Hidden dangers lie in misconceptions about the food we eat and we often underestimate what we can do to keep ourselves healthy. I hope to help share data which has helped me make better choices for my family. Below I list some healthy tips I incorporate into my family’s life and I have hopes you too will incorporate into yours.

        1.       Eliminate Sugary Drinks and all Sodas

Consumption of sugary drinks are a major contributor to the obesity epidemic (reported JAMA 2012). Survey conducted show that we derive at least 50% of our daily sugar in take from sugary fruit drinks, soft drinks and sports drinks. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends your daily diet consists of no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar (100 calories) for women and 9 teaspoons of sugar (150 calories) for men. Noting that just one regular soft drink contains 8-10 tsp (over 130 cal), you can see that these drinks put us at risk for not only obesity but all other related diseases. With one of three children in US overweight or obese, sugary drinks should be limited, if not completely eliminated from your family’s life!

high sugar drinks

With limited or no nutritional value, the health concerns out way their benefits!. CNN reported that scientific research has linked higher death from diabetes, heart disease and cancer in parts of the world where sugary drinks are most consumed. Although there are obviously other attributing factors to these scary incidences, the American Heart Association has linked each to elevated sugar intake.

What about diet drinks/sodas? We have recently been uncovering the mechanism these previously thought to be “healthier sodas” contribute to obesity. The artificial sweeteners, fructose or sugar alcohol used in diet sodas, tend to slow our metabolism and decrease our sensation of “satiety” or “feeling full”. One of the ways they do this is by altering the activity of the bacteria in out gut. According to a report in the Obesity Reviews, the bacteria begin to produce a short chain fatty acid that, when accumulated, increases hunger by blocking signals of satiety and causing a type of inflammation. This inflammation has been associated with tendency to develop insulin resistance, diabetes, increased risk of stroke and heart disease. Furthermore, the brain responds to non-caloric sweetness as it would real sugar and therefore triggers pancreatic insulin release. This insulin serves to deplete available blood glucose and induces a hunger response to replenish its stores.

It’s clear that those who consume high sugar drinks or sodas of any kind are at risk of increased risk for a multitude of health concerns. I propose to try keeping sugary drinks for special occasions and making water, herbal teas and freshly squeezed juices as your go-to drink option.

natural fruit drinkslight water drink with lemos

        2.       Forgo Using the Microwave

Scientific studies have been conducted from well-respected Swiss, German and Russian scientists on microwaved food.  Results have shown that microwaving food decreases it nutritional value and alters it to producing harmful, even cancer causing, substances.


Findings have included that microwaving causes the following changes:

  • To meat: May produce some nitrosdienthanolamines (known carcinogens believed to be linked to stomach and colon cancer) and decrease its nutritional value.
  • To thawed fruit: Converts glucosides and galactosides into carcinogens
  • To vegetables: Removes nutritional benefits from plant alkaloids and cause more difficult to digest.
  • To vitamins, minerals and healthy fats: Leads to structural degradation leading to decreased bioavailability.
  • To antioxidants: Removes potency more so than steaming or stir-frying (also reported in Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture 2003).
  • To garlic: Depletes it of cancer protecting ingredient.
  • Alters amino acids of proteins so to make them unusable for the body.

microwave effects 2

Other studies have shown unhealthy blood alterations, mental decline and nutritional deficiencies in those who exclusively cook in microwaves. As if all this is not enough, if you add the carcinogenic effects of heating in plastic, the impact of microwaving doubles in its gravity to our health!!

For the sake of our families health we need to limit our exposure to toxins and carcinogenic substances. In my house, we are not waiting for the American Medical Society to issue warnings against microwave use, nor are we waiting for a large scale study which can hurt the billion dollar industry. Being a medical practitioner myself, I know what it takes to get a study approved and done well. It takes a lot of money and dedicated scientists working over decades to evaluate the long term results. This said, I don’t foresee this ever being done and therefore our children will continue to suffer from strange disease processes resulting from cumulative effects of modern life and its technologies. What we can do is be aware and incorporate what we know in our guts to be true… most often the simpler and the closest to nature, the better!

Being raised with minimal use of microwaves, we had the opportunity to know the luxury of stove/oven cooked and raw food. Seeing that these methods of food preparation are actually healthier, why not give that to our children as well?

raw food

With cancer and immune system disease on the rise…let’s leave microwaving for emergencies and try to preserve the nutritional/health integrity of the carefully chosen food we eat.

        3.       Be Wary of Canned Foods

can food

A concerning percentage of canned food is contaminated with Bisphenol A or BPA.  To all you moms out there, BPA may hit a soft spot. BPA is known as the scary chemical we all look out for when choosing baby bottles and other items babies tend to put in their mouth. BPA is a common component of polycarbonate plastic and is used in many food packaging items, kitchen ware and yes…. baby bottles. It is released from these products over time and gets into the food we then feed our families with.

BPA is a chemical that has known health hazards and more so when exposed to children’s bodies. Even in acutely low doses, BPA, which can mimic effects of human estrogen, interferes with the human hormone system (officially stated in 2009 Endocrine Society). It also has shown to alter mammary gland development in animals and increases breast cell proliferation in human cells. Studies have shown when pregnant mice were exposed to BPA, it increased their offspring’s risk of breast cancer. Furthermore, there have been connections to regular consumption of BPA contaminated food with prostate cancer, diabetes, obesity and ADHD.  Because of such reports the EU, Canada and even China have prohibited its uses in baby bottle productions. France is also in the process of banning BPA in all food application products. Government involvement or not… is it not time we take precautions to protect our families from limit BPA exposure? Savvy moms now know to only buy “BPA-free” when selecting children’s plastic items.

But, are we overlooking other sources of BPA intoxication of which we should all be aware? As concerning as the BPA levels in plastic is, we are now more aware of it and companies are making strides to protect our children from contamination. Our real hidden threat of BPA is now in canned goods. It was just recently that scientists have analyzed and found significant levels of BPA in a range of popular canned goods. From corn to canned soup…. the epoxy-resin lining of these tinned foods are contaminating contents with this sneaky health hazard. Food manufacturers use this material due to its protective properties against bacterial contamination, but, is it worth the risk of the above mentioned issues? Again, until the FDA gets involved and bans use of such dangerous materials, it may be worth it to forgo canned foods all together. Seeing that canned foods often are high in sodium and use concerning preservatives….I feel it may be an all-around good omen to purge our cupboards of can-derived nutrition…don’t you?

Canned food and risks

For those of you who cannot live without your favorite canned food…. There are BPA free manufactures. Some examples are Eden Foods and Trader Joes. The website Tree Hugger or Organic Grace also has a list of safe varieties.

For more information on the danger of canned food check out this well written article in the Sydney Morning Herald.


      4.       Make Exercise A Regular Family Event

For adults, the health benefits of exercise are well published. There are a dozen reasons why exercise is important to your physical and mental well-being. But as most of you know, getting started on a fitness regimen can be difficult….especially if you have little free time to dedicate to your relationship and family. For this reason many give up their right to exercise to spend time with the ones they love.

But why not combine fun/family time with physical exercise? This option allows health benefits for the whole family and promotes bonding in your relationships!!This is the premise on which my family and I live! We make exercise a family event. My family and I spend hours on the weekends running together and biking. Exercising has provided us with many of our happiest moments!  I wish the same for you!

family exercise

Teach your children that physical activity is a normal part of their routine. Encourage rollerblading, bicycling, yoga, running, stretching and sports by participating in these activities with them.

Not especially sporty? Start with long walks and go from there!

Living in the cold? Bundle up and go for a walk or take on winter sports (let’s learn from the Europeans whom never let the cold stop them from getting outside!).

The benefits of exercise for children are irrefutable. The below offers you some insight on what exercise can do for your children.

exercise on brain power

  • Regular exercise can increase children’s ability to think, plan and do math (Journal of Health Psychology).
  •  MRI guided studies from the Health Science University in Augusta Georgia have shown exercise to increase executive function of children’s brain and improve overall social behavior. Improved executive function means improving self-control, reasoning and abstract thought.
  • Another study showed children who exercised 40 minutes every day for 3 months increased 3.8 points on scores of cognitive planning. It seems the more kids exercise the more intelligent they become!

Brain power aside, exercising together can help build lifelong healthy habits, create memories, get you and your family in the fresh air more often! It’s also an affordable activity and by stimulating healthy appetites, might get them to finally have a go on that quinoa dish or grilled fish you have been pushing on them. (:

Chris Carter PhD recently wrote a similar article, in the Huffington Post, on effect on exercise and brainpower, for those interested in an additional read check it out here.

    4.        Limit Toxins and Chemicals Exposure by Buying Safer Products.

This can be achieved by choosing your food and household products wisely. Below I offer you a few ways to achieve this and reason you should be a more intelligent consumer.

Food and Cosmetics: When choosing food or plant derived products, chose organic. Organic labeled products are those in which manufacturers have complied with strictly controlled procedures in their production. This means they have been produced without synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or preservatives. Foods labeled organic have been grown on land which has also been protected from such chemicals for at least three years. Animal products such as eggs or dairy must come from free range animals that eat only organic feed.

Why Organic?

La boquerilla Organic is Orgasmic

La Boquerilla Barcelona

•  Consumption of organic food can help decrease allergies. A study by the British Journal of Nutrition found decreased eczema and wheezing among 2 year olds who consumed organic dairy products.

Less exposure to organophosphate pesticides. A study from the University of Washington found lower levels in those preschoolers who ate organic vs. conventional food. Elevated levels of these pesticides are associated with mental health issues like depression and memory problems (BBC report in 2006).

warning of pesticides

Less resistance to antibiotics. Because organic farming prohibits non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in livestock, meat, dairy and eggs we are less likely to acquire resistance to life-saving antibiotics.

organic farming 

For more info on the safety of meat and other foods click WebMD link and see here.

It’s totally understandable that organic food may be just too expensive for some households. It is for this reason The Environmental Working Group has created a Shopper’s Guide which dictates which produce carry most risk of contamination. We can then prioritize our organic shopping and buy the foods which carry the highest risk, with highest pesticide levels, or those which our family consumes the most, such as milk and eggs. The foods with lowest contamination are the ones you should buy from a local source. Buying local is a good option for those who can’t afford organic. Local farmers worry less about preservation, since not traveling long distances to get to the consumer.  This means fresher food and less use of harmful substances in cultivation.

Veggi Wash

You can also use food washes such as Environne and Veggi Wash to help remove contaminants from your food. There are also homemade recipes for food washes using vinegar and water click here for one example. You may also need a vegetable brush for some fruits and veggies with thicker skin. It is not recommended to use detergents to was your food, risks may outweigh benefits.

Vinegar produce wash

Household Products: Many products we use for cleaning and air-freshening have harmful effects to almost every bodily system. Cumulative effects of their exposure have raised concerns and are now thought to be correlated to increasing epidemics. Most concerning are the effects they may have on small children. Trends reported include an increase in learning and developmental disabilities, asthma, childhood cancers, ADHD, as well as decreasing IQs. Scientists believe pesticides to be one of many culprits in these growing issues related to our children’s health. For more on this please refer to this report published by The Pesticide Action Network :A Generation in Jeopardy: How pesticides are undermining our children’s health & intelligence.

chemically grown food cost more

It is up to use to protect ourselves and our children from these effects by limiting pesticide contamination.

Some tips when choosing Household Products:

non toxic cleaning

  • Read the label and avoid these ingredients: Diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA) (can be carcinogenic and easily penetrate skin), butyl cellosolve or ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, ammonia (can irritate respiratory pathways), Sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite (bleach which damage repiratory pathways and skin), chlorinated phenols (hazards to lungs and circulatory system), diethylene glycol (depress nervous system), formaldehyde found in deodorizers (respiratory irritant and suspected carcinogen), petroleum solvents in floor cleaners, percholethylene in spot removers and many others.
  • Use sparingly any product with labels which include DANGER or POISON. Chances are they are affecting your families’ health with regular use.
  • Try cleaning using gentle non-toxic ingredients to clean your home. Examples of such are Baking Soda, Unscented Liquid Soap, Lemon, Borax – (sodium borate),White Vinegar, Washing Soda, Sal Soda, Isopropyl Alcohol in water and Cornstarch Citrus Solvent. For indications of use please refer to this website.

nontoxic cleaning

pesticide free

I hope that these tips have helped make you more aware of how you can contribute to making sure your family has the best chances of living a longer, healthier, more quality life.

I have about a dozen more tips up my sleeve… but I thought I might spare you from the information overload. (:  I plan to offer these in post soon to come ….stay tuned!!

As those of you who already have gotten to know me have figured out…I’m passionate about wellness! I hope you are enjoying my journey to keep you all your youngest, healthiest and most beautiful selves!

Cheers with Love from my family to Yours!

Heathly life habits

My husband and children heading out for family activity. Here you see daugter Valerija!

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With life, come wrinkles. They tell a story… how much we laughed, how much we cried and to what extent we experienced life.  I don’t disagree that a crinkle here and there can be charming. I do however, feel that they can begin to change our features to the extent we don’t recognize ourselves. Furthermore, as these groves deepen, they make us appear less happy, more annoyed and even angry. Studies have shown that the more often we are tense, the more we frown and the more we encourage the formation of deeper wrinkles. It is also for this reason most often the more permanent these lines become the more they may be a reflection of our internal discontent. Lets stop the cycle and have our fit bodies and our internal light match our reflection!! I hope to have offered you  a method to fit your lifestyle below!

wrinkle formation

First a bit of information: What is a wrinkle and how does it form?

A wrinkle is a line, crease or fold in the skin.

There are two types of wrinkles, static and dynamic.

Static wrinkles are wrinkles which you see on your face when you are at rest. You can see these wrinkles on faces of people when their faces are motionless (without facial expression or while sleeping). These wrinkles form as a result of loss of skins overall quality and because of repeated insult to certain facial expressions or lifestyle habits. As we age, the skin loses collagen proteins and elastin fibers. When young, skin is able to quickly resupply skin with these vital structural components, but as we age we lose capability of such regeneration. As a result, older skin loses volume, becomes less elastic and thinner.  Because of this wrinkles form easier, and we begin to slowly accumulate a greater quantity of static wrinkles.

static wrinkles

Advanced Static wrinkles.

Dynamic Wrinkles are the wrinkles which are exaggerated when skin making facial gestures or movements. Facial movements such as laughing, crying or when angry contribute to the formation of dynamic wrinkles. They are associated with the muscle movements of your face. In your youth, dynamic wrinkles are not as noticeable as the skin is very supple, (elastic with high hydration coefficient), and thick (more collagen).

dynamic wrinkles 2

Dynamic wrinkles

Some people don’t form wrinkles as easily because they overzealously take care of skin (by moisturizing and protecting) or genetically have better quality skin ( with more collagen, elastin and fibroblast  activity). Those who have very active fibroblasts, like men and those of darker color skin,  produce more collagen quicker.

Others, form wrinkles prematurely, (more easily and earlier than others), because of bad lifestyle choices. These can include those individuals who don’t protect skin from the environment, have poor diets low in protein and vitamin C or high in preservatives and other toxins.  Those who smoke are inevitably going to age prematurely as they suffer accelerated structural loss and poor microcirculation. Smoking inevitably results in early facial volume loss, skin thinning and wrinkling.

smoking effects on wrinkles

identical twins displaying aging effects of smoking! Guess which twin was a smoker

Despite your genetics, there are ways we can prevent premature formation of both static and dynamic wrinkles. As always, lifestyle modifications are key in preserving youthful function.  We can incorporate good nutrition, and the below guidlines, to assure a natural but elegant aging process.

Quick Guide to Basic Anti-Wrinkle Care

  • Replacing daily moisture loss with a good moisturizer.
  • Use sunscreen and antioxidants, See my previous post here on Antioxidants for some of trusted options.
  • Exfoliate regularly. Can incorporate daily or weekly treatments to help stimulate cellular turnover of dead skin cells and stimulate replacement with new healthier cells. New skin cells retain moisture better and make wrinkling less likely. Your exfoliators can be physical or chemical. Physicals use microbeeds to gently push off dead skin cells. Chemicals use alpha or beta hydroxyl acids or retinol based ingredients. See my post on Three Steps to Brighter Skin for product suggestions. Your doctor can also prescribe a stronger alternatives to these over-the-counter or drugstore options. Consult your doctor if you feel you may need a advanced strength protocol.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking may be your single most important risk factor to premature aging.
  • Avoiding use of straws when drinking beverages. This will facilitate wrinkle formation around lips.
  • Sleeping in positions which don’t fold the skin in a specific way causing lines. Example sleeping on your side will accelerate vertical wrinkles on chest.
  • Consciously trying not to make over dramatic facial expressions (especially those associated with anger or annoyance (: ) …This can help preserve the skin integrity and avoid intensity of wrinkles in corresponding anatomical areas. I know this may sound crazy and difficult but may help you remember not to lose your cool for silly reasons!
annoyed facial expressions lead to wrinkles

Avoid these faces…it will only bring on wrinkles sooner!!

But, what if you want to give yourself a little more edge in this wrinkle saga? By contributing a bit more time, effort and money, can we prevent to a greater degree these tell all signs of experience?

We can, by contributing a bit more time, effort and perhaps money, prevent to a greater degreee these tell all signs of experience. I hope to make you aware of some of the best options in anti-wrinkle methods below. As always, I will offer you a mix from the eastern and western medical practices and let you decide which one may be the right choice for you!

Advance Wrinkle Preventing Methods

These focus on preventing dynamic wrinkle formation…which ultimately results in less static wrinkles as well. Think about how if we limit folding a piece of cardboard to only a few times… permenant line will result. Its only if we continue to bend it the same way many times that a permenant crease will form. The aim is to limiting the number of times we fold or bend the skin in a certain way and therefore prevent certain wrinkles from appearing on our skin at rest.

       1. Baby Botox

I think by now, we all are aware of Botox and its uses to relax muscle motion and therefore minimize appearance of present wrinkles and prevent there formation.

For those that need reminding Botox is Botulinum toxin type A, a purified protein and neurotoxin produced by a bacteria bacterium Clostridium. When minute amounts are injected locally into muscles it blocks release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for activation of muscle contraction.

Botox is many times used to paralyze facial muscles so to completely inhibit dynamic wrinkle formation all together.  This is a great way to prevent wrinkle formation but cannot leave the face with unwanted frozen or unnatural look. Recently,  doctors have caught on to the demands of the public and developed and new philosophy or Botox application. This novice application, referred to as “Baby Botox”, consists of using small or “baby” doses of Botox to weaken but not eliminate the muscle movement. This muscular weakening prevents the aggressive facial movements which attribute to deep wrinkle formation. Those of you who were worried this method had something to do with Botoxing your baby can now relax!!! (:

Botox results

Baby Botox can be used earlier in younger patients to prevent formation of wrinkles and will also prevent necessity of using larger does in future.

  • Treatment details

Botox takes only about 10 min to apply but may take up to a week to appreciate the finally result. Your doctor or aesthetic practitioner will use tiny needles to inject small quantities of Botulin toxin A into the musculature around forehead. This is a virtually painless procedure which only rarely results in a slight bruise at the injection site. Once injected, you cannot lie down or massage area for 4 hours in order to prevent the injected toxin from moving out of the injected area.

Baby Botox

  • Other Considerations

Other aesthetic uses for Botox involve treatments of wrinkles around eyes, mouth, nose and neck. These are considered safe and effective uses, but, are considered “off –label”, since not approved by the FDA. There are also over 20 FDA approved medical uses for Botulinum toxin A, all of which will not be discussed in this post!

Botox is the trademarked brand name for Botulinum toxin A by Allergan. They are the first company to purify and get FDA approved for cosmetic use in treating glabellar wrinkles. Since then other brands have gotten approval for safe use. These alternative Botulinum toxin A brands include Azzalure, Bocouture, Dysport, and Xeomin. There are slight differences between brands but I will not cover this topic in present time. For more information, please click on the name of the product.

Use of Botox and its competitors, may come with risk and some side effects. By administering these products appropriately,and by using low doses, we are assuring extremely low incidence of such events. Pregnant women, those who have egg allergies or neuromuscular disorders are not candidates.

Like all aesthetic procedures, success is user dependent! Make sure you put your face in the hands of someone skilled and with an artistic eye!


   2.  Iovera by Myoscience

I was recently introduced to this innovative method of wrinkle relaxation. It is a toxin free alternative to preventing muscular movements which attribute to wrinkle formation. This is not only an ideal treatment for those wary of injecting any sort of nonorganic substance into the face but also for those who want to see immediate result of muscle relaxation.

Iovera Focused Cold Therapy

It creates intense focused cold, inducing frost formation between three probes to inactivate the activity capabilities of nerves responsible for stimulating muscle contraction. The Iovera device was originally devised by a small group of engineers who started a company called MyoScience with hopes to produce a muscle relaxing device using cold technology. With the help of their medical advisor and now director, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Palmer, they were able to redirect their efforts and come up with a nerve numbing superstar…. This tiny device, the size of a cordless house phone, helps doctors inject tiny probes into the skin to freeze nerves responsible for forehead muscle contraction. The treatment results is the temporarily inactivation of these nerves and therefore inability to form dynamic wrinkling in the cooresponding area. This innovative minimally invasive treatment, allows us to achieve almost immediate resolution of dynamic forehead wrinkles, toxin free!

  • Treatment Details

Doctor numbs the templar area of forehead with a bit of local anesthetic. Once area numbed cold therapy delivered via probes into several areas of temple, until sufficient inactivity seen in forehead muscles. The doctor will acess this by asking you to frown and lift eyebrows several times after delivering each cycle of the cold therapy. When you are satisfied with smoothness seen in forehead skin while making these facial expressions, your doctor will stop treatment and apply compression to treated area for about 10 minutes.  At the end of your session you should see complete treatment result….a dramatic wrinkle reduction and smoothness in the forehead area without the use of any toxins or forgein material!

iovera focused cold therapy before and after

Before and After your “Frotox” therapy!

Results last around 3 months.

  • Other Considerations

This is a new treatment NOT  yet FDA approved in the USA for aesthetic use. It IS US approved for use in the treatment of peripheral nerve pain. This means that patients suffering with chronic mucsculoskeletal pain may now have an alternative to the dangerous use of long-term medications.. In Europe and Canada, however, we DO have approval for cosmetic use and Iovera is quickly becoming the official new rage in the treatment of wrinkles. With luck, Iovera will be in a clinic near you shortly and you too will have a choice as to which wrinkle therapy best fits your lifestyle!

I love the idea of a wrinkle treatment sans the systemic risks associated with toxins….don’t you??

3. Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

For those who want to forgo western medicine technology all together and go for a more natural approach for fighting wrinkle formation….acupuncture might be just what the doctor ordered. This risk-free treatment has been used in China for decades as a way of preventing wrinkle formation. Those concerned with western rejuvenation techniques should know there are gentle preventative treatments which show promise in fighting signs of aging. Recent studies presented in the Journal of Clinical Acupuncture showed that 90 % of clients who participated in cosmetic acupuncture showed overall skin quality and tone.

Acupuncture promotes circulation, healing and encourages collagen and elastin production; this improves tone and elasticity and therefore resistance to wrinkle formation. Also by inducing relaxation and stress reduction we prevent muscle overuse associated with wrinkle formation. The premise is that the outward beauty and youthful qualities of the skin reflect the inner peace and fitness of your nervous system which is gained by doing acupuncture.

  • Treatment Details

Cosmetic Acupuncture

During treatment the acupuncture practitioner will slowly and virtually painlessly insert sterile fine needles into the skin. This is done strategically to target certain energetic pathways, which have been proven to relieve certain ailments associated withstree, aging and wrinkle formation.

Results will not be as dramatic as western medical interventions for wrinkles but will last longer and have internal benefits associated with acupuncture as well. You will be less tense, more relaxed, sleep better and have an overall improved sense of well-being. Less stress will mean less frowns, worry lines and grimaces associated with discontent. As a result of treatment, you will be gentler with the facial expressions known to accelerate wrinkle formation. This along with improved overall health of facial skin will result in wrinkle prevention.

No risk, no downtime, healthy wrinkle prevention…..I’m in!


     4. Facial Yoga

Last but not least…an alternative for those who want to practice a wrinkle prevention mechanism which shares the no risk profile of cosmetic acupuncture, but without the use of needles at all! In fact, you can practice this daily in the comfort of your own home and at no additional cost!

Facial Yoga consists of a series of facial movements studied to encourage muscular tone and tissue health. Some of these movements are shown below.

facial yoga movementfacial yoga movementfacial yoga movement

“I’m teaching my students to consciously release muscles rather than paralyzing them, which is what Botox does,” says New York instructor Annelise Hagen.

By training muscles to remain relaxed and not tense up we can prevent them from getting hypertrophic because of overuse (reflecting expressions secondary to stress). The result over time is better toned muscles, healthier tissue and a more relaxed face which results in less wrinkle formation.

  • Practice Details

You can see a typical sequence for prevention and treatment of lateral eye wrinkles often referred to as “crows feet”, as described by Annelise Hagen on a You Tube video posted here.

For begginers it may be a good idea to attend a session taught by a well trainined instructor, buy a book or watch a few videos!

It would be great to practice this at a time of day when feeling a bit stressed and facial muscles a bit tense.

  • Other Consideration

This may be a great tool in prevention and overall tone maintenance but once wrinkles start setting in you may want to consider additional therapies.

For more information on improving overall skin quality, elasticity and tone, make sure to check in for future posts! More ideas on how to prevent skin wrinkling, sagging and youthfulness is soon to come! Thanks for following me on this exciting journel in aspiring to preserve youthful function and appearance! Remeber to follow me on my Facebook Page AntiAgeingSavantess! I hope to give you current updates on new products, treatments and lifestyle tips for ultimate health and beauty! Cheers!


massage therapy benefits

                                                  5 Reasons why Massage Therapy is Anti-Aging

Massage has been used for centuries for both therapeutic and pampering purposes. Modern medicine has, however, changed our perception towards massage and created an illusion in which massage is seen as a luxury in which most cannot invest.

I mean to help change this perception and rather reform massage therapies fame! It is, and should be used as, a preventative medicine technique. Its preventative health benefits should be valued and its uses expanded to conjunctive therapies for many diseases.

Recent studies have shown proof, massage therapy can provide us with much more than just a temporary feel-good effect.

These studies show, using massage, we are increasing our overall psychological feeling of wellness. We are also, via its physiological benefits, preventing ailments that tend to occur as a result of aging. Massage Therapy should, therefore, be considered Anti-Aging.

Below are my top 5 reasons why Massage Therapy should be incorporated into our lives and used to help keep our bodies youthful.

healing massage

1.   Massage can decrease stress response and its health related issues.

I have spoken about the medical concerns stress brings about in previous posts. (See previous blogs, “Your Waistlines and Health” and “Beauty Sleep”). Stress is a detrimental age accelerator than costs you your looks, your health and your sanity. It must be controlled and massage can help.

Chronic stress causes, among other things, an increase in cortisol and insulin levels. Cortisol leaves our body tense, our heart rate and blood pressure high and puts pressure on our organs to work harder. This increase demand on all our body systems also puts us at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack. Chronic insulin release can lead to insensitivity in the bodies insulin receptors (eventually not responding to insulin as before), and therefore higher risk for diabetes.  The worst part of these stress effects is that the often feed off on another. Once the body starts to suffer from tension, increased heart rate and extreme variants in glucose levels, it goes into alert mode. Each sign of stress signals further physiological symptoms which also signal stress. This dangerous cycle is very tiresome for the body and it is in desperate need for a recharge, a way to relax and be comforted.

This is where Massage Therapy has its value. Studies reported in the Intensive and Critical Care Nursing Journal that during the five minute foot massage, critically ill patients experienced decrease heart rate, blood pressure and respirations. This evidence was used to make conclusions that massage induced relaxation resulted in physiological health benefits. Another long term study showed that massage programs can decrease blood pressure and cortisol stress hormone levels, improving cardiovascular health and decreasing anxiety and depression.

How does massage therapy decrease stress?

There are several mechanisms of action which massage therapy has shown its value.

  • Decrease cortisol and insulin levels while increasing calming serotonin and dopamine: see above.
  • Encourages oxytocin release: Oxytocin is a stress reducing, bonding hormone most famous for its role in birthing. It helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system to slow down heart rate and breathing, relax musculature and improve digestion.
  • Increases endorphin release: Endorphins are pain reducing neurotransmitters.  Anxiety created by stress can cause increase sensitivity to pain. Endorphins help stop transmission of pain signals.
  • Decrease Beta Brainwave activity: This leads to increase stimulated release of relaxing neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine as well as decreased release of cortisol levels.
  • Stimulates Delta Brainwave activity: This type of brain activity is one which facilitates deep sleep induction….explaining the natural tendency to dose off during your session!

2.   Massage Therapy can help improve circulation.

The circulatory system is compromised of the cardiovascular system and lymphatic system.

Our cardiovascular system is responsible for circulating blood and therefore distributing oxygen and nutrients to all tissues. As we age the cardiovascular system declines due to buildup of plaque (vessels become smaller and blood flow impeded due to poor high cholesterol diets), reduced elasticity of vasculature (vessels loose ability to dilate and contract due to loss of collagen, elastin and plaque) and stress (receptors become less responsive due to over stimulation, resulting in high blood pressure and poor circulation to various tissues). Massage may not be able to control your cholesterol level but can help decrease stress on cardiovascular system and improve vessel health by improving overall tissue nutrition.  Seeing that cardiovascular disease is a strong risk factor for premature death, (heart disease is still number one cause of death in most developed countries), a natural way to help decrease influencing contributors should be put into practice.

Our lymphatic system plays an important role in waste removal and in aiding an efficient immune system response. The waste it removes includes excess fluid, pathogens, dead blood cells, toxins and cells implicated in cancer. It assists immune function by distributing immune cells throughout the body to help filter out and protect against harmful agents. An efficient lymphatic circulation mean rapid defense against infection and cleaner blood and tissues.  A person with poor lymphatic system circulation can suffer from a variety of discomforts including pain, pooling of the fluid in the extremities (arms and legs), cold hands and feet, fatigue and achiness. Massage can help improve lymphatic circulation system and prevent toxic waste accumulation causing these symptoms and improve overall health.

Lymphatic circulation

Lymphatic circulation

How does massage work to improve circulation? 

  • By creating strategic manipulation and pressure along the various tissues and along the extremities, it facilitates improved blood flow.
  • By Releasing points of the pressure, we cause fresh oxygenated and nutrient rich blood to perfuse congested areas.

massage point

  • By working along musculature we are helping disperse lactic acid and carbonic acid waste which builds up in muscles after activity and get it into lymphatic circulation. By removing waste out of muscle and into a mobilized lymphatic system, we are preventing pain and muscle fatigue they cause.
    • Massage has proven to be 3 to 4 times more efficient at recovering muscle than rest alone. Boxers are commonly massaged between rounds to help recharge muscles and combat fatigue.
    • Since lymphatic system runs quite superficially under the skin, specific massage techniques have well developed to encourage better flow and ultimately allowing the technician aid in more efficient removal of lymphatic fluid.
  • Improves removal of lymphatic fluid both helps improve removal of metabolic waste and reduce leg swelling and leg vein engorgement.  This also means improvement in the appearance of cellulite and aid in the prevention and treatment of engorged leg veins.

massage improves circulation leg health and cellulite

  • Improves lymph circulation puts less pressure on arterial blood pressure receptors and therefore keeps blood pressure low and avoiding unnecessary stress on cardiovascular system.
  • Skin related benefits include assistance in overall cellular function and increasing production of skin-nurturing sebum. Sebum is our bodies’ natural lubricant; it protects, cools, calms and maintains skins youthful properties.

3.     Massage Therapy can help us obtain heightened Immunity against illness and disease.

Your immune system is your body’s natural defense against foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and tumor formation. A strong immune system means we have optimal protection against getting sick.  We depend on the production and activity of a group cells called lymphocytes, (white blood cells), to initiate an immune response and prevent illness. These cells are produced in the bone marrow but many times need to mature and differentiate in a lymphatic organ called the thymus gland.   Once matured, they are release into circulation and, in larger concentrations, in the lymph fluid and nodes. Once in circulation they scavenge for signals of trouble and initiate a response to destroy pathogens and tumor cells.  The lymph nodes are widely distributed and connected by a network known as the lymphatic circulation. Within lymph nodes, are a tightly packed unit of lymphocytes and macrophages which fight off any circulating offenders collected in the lymph fluid.  It is for this reason we lymph nodes swell during sickness. The swelling is direclty coorelated with the disease fighting activity.

lymphnodes assesment

In a study conducted by Gail Ironson, M.D., HIV positive men responded to regular massage by increasing cellular immune profile, increasing blood serotonin levels, and improving overall effectiveness in fighting disease. Another report in the Journal of Complementary Medicine in 2010 reported an increase in these immune cells following massage therapy 3 times a week for 30 minutes in women with breast cancer. In addition to improved health and disease fighting ability, these patients also reported less depressed mood, anxiety and pain after their sessions.  Additionally, a report in the International Journal of Neuroscience in 2010 showed that leg massage promoted and reinforced the immune system by increasing the secretion of peptides which aid in fighting bacteria.

How can massage improve immunity?

  • By Improving lymphatic circulation
    • As touched upon above, by improving the lymphatic circulatory system, we improve the immune response by filtering the blood better and getting more lymphocyte exposure to where these pathogens or tumor cells might be brewing.
  • By increasing immune systems cytotoxic capacity
    • Massage has shown to naturally improve the the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity by increasing the Natural Killer cells (a type of WBC or lymphocyte that has large role in our immune response and releases cytotoxic granules to fight viruses and tumor cells).
  • By decreasing circulating levels of cortisol and insulin and increasing serotonin and peptides.
    • Since both cortisol and insulin are linked with impaired immune function, massage can also help immunity by controlling levels of these stress hormones.
    • Serotonin releases and bacteria fighting peptides have been linked to improved immunity.

4.    Prevents Muscular Strain

Regular massage therapy can help prevent muscle tension, spasms and pains in joints as they are repeatedly overused, unconditioned and dedicated to keeping us in unnatural, uncomfortable positions. As we age we have less time to take care of ourselves and nurture our decreasingly elastic muscles and stiff joints.  It doesn’t help that we tend to gain weight, sit at desks hours on end and use our muscles in the same way for the same functions day in and out.

bad habits bad posturebad posture at work

With Time Magazine reporting 8 of 10 Americans complaining of debilitating back pain, we need all the help we can get to improve workplace efficiency and prevent and treat contributing factors. Both muscular strain and bad skeletal alignment (see below) can contribute to back pain. Any natural treatment which can help treat pain in general without the use of aggressive and dangerous medical interventions (medications, injections, surgery), needs to be considered. Massage therapy is an ideal preventative and alternative therapy for musculoskeletal issues.

A study published in Science Translational Medicine in 2012 reported a short 10 minutes massage helped reduce inflammation post workout quickly. This allowed athletes to recover in a much shorter time period and perform more efficiently in their next session.

sports recovery massage

How can massage therapy help combat muscular tension and pain?

  • Regular massage therapy relaxes these muscles and passively stretches and lengthens them. Massage is able to move our muscles in ways which help combat the tensing habits we commit them to in daily routine.
  •  By encouraging better blood perfusion to these tissues, we are nurturing healthier oxygen and nutrient exchange, improving its ability to regenerate and heal itself and reducing tension and pain.
  • By increase blood perfusion, lengthening and softening our muscles we are also protecting our selves from injury. The healthier our muscles are, the better they can accommodate sudden movements and twists. This protects muscles from strains, tears.
  • By increasing endorphins, dopamine and serotonin hormones release we can further promote muscular relaxation and health.
    • Endorphins, serotonin and dopamine serve to help calm nerves and decrease pain perception.
    • Can be seen as a natural alternative to reduce pain perception and stiffness. Since using pain medications can further damage your body and age you prematurely, alternative and natural pain management should be embraced whenever possible.

back pain points addressed by massage

  • Massage encourages joint health by stimulating synovial fluid, (which nourished and lubricates joints), and improving elasticity of the connective tissue and muscles that support them.
    • The more flexible the tissue and muscles around the joints, the less the tug and pulling on them, preserving their integrity and health.

massage for joint health

An additional note about massage therapy and pain relief: According to the Arthritis Foundation, massage therapy is becoming an increasingly popular alternative therapy to treat painful symptoms of arthritic disease. Doctors are realizing the efficiency and cost effectiveness to alleviate their patients of their chronic and debilitating disease related pain. Many massage therapists report that their arthritic clients find better and longer-lasting relief from massage than from pharmaceuticals.

Less pain, less medication means a longer quality life….what can be more anti-aging than that.


5.       Improves posture

Poor posture doesn’t just upset your grandmother; it causes some muscles to get shorter and tighter, while allowing others to virtually wither away.  Misalignment of your spine also puts added stress on your circulatory, digestive and nervous systems. As a result of poor posture, we also suffer increasing pain in various joints and along back, nerve related pain (due to pinching in spine or other constrained area), deformities which may be difficult to correct, improper digestion and limited breathing capacity (as chest and spine cave in on lungs).

How can massage help you correct this?

  • Again, massage therapy relaxes and loosens the muscles and teach you what it feels like to be in proper alignment. During a massage you can experience natural muscle movements and skeletal positions. After your massage, you will be more likely to seek out these healthier movements and positions with less discomfort, ultimately contributing to improved posture and its benefits.
  • The more relaxed our muscles feel the more liberated our joints feel and our journey to a better posture will be made easier.
  • The more space we will be able to create between our spinal vertebra and joints, the less risk for adding on to intervertebral stress and compression which can attribute to disc degeneration, nerve and vascular damage. This translates to less back pain, less sciatica and prevention of both muscular overuse and atrophy.
  • Regular massage can ultimately encourage a more balanced, elongated body.
aging spine

aging spine tendencies

improving posture

skeletal alignment decreases pain caused by tension

Proper posture is usually compromised further as we age. Your skeletal alignment is one of the defining factors of an aged person….an image of a 60+ person usually includes some sort of hunching or slouching position. This aging silhouette IS NOT inevitable!! We can prevent unnatural painful spinal curvatures by working on our skeletal alignment. Its true massage alone cannot correct bad posture but along with conscious correction, appropriate exercise and stretching, massage can help!

preserve alignment..massage can help

The Savants have spoken!! Massage Therapy IS Anti-Aging!!

Massage Therapy benefits include:

  • decreases stress related disease,
  • increases overall feelings of wellness,
  •  improves the way we combat illness,
  •  improves health and nutrition to every tissue of the body,
  • encourages toxin elimination,
  • decreases pain and
  • maintains youthful anatomical structure and function.

Are these not good enough reasons for you to incorporate to some extent massage therapy into your youth and health maintenance routine?

If you were looking for an excuse to get a massage, look no further…. you may have your ultimate defense right here! Conscious assured, massage therapy can prove to be a valuable tool to sustaining a long healthy life.

Cheers to being pampered, feeling good and most importantly leading a long healthy life!

create your happiness....use massage

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