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With life, come wrinkles. They tell a story… how much we laughed, how much we cried and to what extent we experienced life.  I don’t disagree that a crinkle here and there can be charming. I do however, feel that they can begin to change our features to the extent we don’t recognize ourselves. Furthermore, as these groves deepen, they make us appear less happy, more annoyed and even angry. Studies have shown that the more often we are tense, the more we frown and the more we encourage the formation of deeper wrinkles. It is also for this reason most often the more permanent these lines become the more they may be a reflection of our internal discontent. Lets stop the cycle and have our fit bodies and our internal light match our reflection!! I hope to have offered you  a method to fit your lifestyle below!

wrinkle formation

First a bit of information: What is a wrinkle and how does it form?

A wrinkle is a line, crease or fold in the skin.

There are two types of wrinkles, static and dynamic.

Static wrinkles are wrinkles which you see on your face when you are at rest. You can see these wrinkles on faces of people when their faces are motionless (without facial expression or while sleeping). These wrinkles form as a result of loss of skins overall quality and because of repeated insult to certain facial expressions or lifestyle habits. As we age, the skin loses collagen proteins and elastin fibers. When young, skin is able to quickly resupply skin with these vital structural components, but as we age we lose capability of such regeneration. As a result, older skin loses volume, becomes less elastic and thinner.  Because of this wrinkles form easier, and we begin to slowly accumulate a greater quantity of static wrinkles.

static wrinkles

Advanced Static wrinkles.

Dynamic Wrinkles are the wrinkles which are exaggerated when skin making facial gestures or movements. Facial movements such as laughing, crying or when angry contribute to the formation of dynamic wrinkles. They are associated with the muscle movements of your face. In your youth, dynamic wrinkles are not as noticeable as the skin is very supple, (elastic with high hydration coefficient), and thick (more collagen).

dynamic wrinkles 2

Dynamic wrinkles

Some people don’t form wrinkles as easily because they overzealously take care of skin (by moisturizing and protecting) or genetically have better quality skin ( with more collagen, elastin and fibroblast  activity). Those who have very active fibroblasts, like men and those of darker color skin,  produce more collagen quicker.

Others, form wrinkles prematurely, (more easily and earlier than others), because of bad lifestyle choices. These can include those individuals who don’t protect skin from the environment, have poor diets low in protein and vitamin C or high in preservatives and other toxins.  Those who smoke are inevitably going to age prematurely as they suffer accelerated structural loss and poor microcirculation. Smoking inevitably results in early facial volume loss, skin thinning and wrinkling.

smoking effects on wrinkles

identical twins displaying aging effects of smoking! Guess which twin was a smoker

Despite your genetics, there are ways we can prevent premature formation of both static and dynamic wrinkles. As always, lifestyle modifications are key in preserving youthful function.  We can incorporate good nutrition, and the below guidlines, to assure a natural but elegant aging process.

Quick Guide to Basic Anti-Wrinkle Care

  • Replacing daily moisture loss with a good moisturizer.
  • Use sunscreen and antioxidants, See my previous post here on Antioxidants for some of trusted options.
  • Exfoliate regularly. Can incorporate daily or weekly treatments to help stimulate cellular turnover of dead skin cells and stimulate replacement with new healthier cells. New skin cells retain moisture better and make wrinkling less likely. Your exfoliators can be physical or chemical. Physicals use microbeeds to gently push off dead skin cells. Chemicals use alpha or beta hydroxyl acids or retinol based ingredients. See my post on Three Steps to Brighter Skin for product suggestions. Your doctor can also prescribe a stronger alternatives to these over-the-counter or drugstore options. Consult your doctor if you feel you may need a advanced strength protocol.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking may be your single most important risk factor to premature aging.
  • Avoiding use of straws when drinking beverages. This will facilitate wrinkle formation around lips.
  • Sleeping in positions which don’t fold the skin in a specific way causing lines. Example sleeping on your side will accelerate vertical wrinkles on chest.
  • Consciously trying not to make over dramatic facial expressions (especially those associated with anger or annoyance (: ) …This can help preserve the skin integrity and avoid intensity of wrinkles in corresponding anatomical areas. I know this may sound crazy and difficult but may help you remember not to lose your cool for silly reasons!
annoyed facial expressions lead to wrinkles

Avoid these faces…it will only bring on wrinkles sooner!!

But, what if you want to give yourself a little more edge in this wrinkle saga? By contributing a bit more time, effort and money, can we prevent to a greater degree these tell all signs of experience?

We can, by contributing a bit more time, effort and perhaps money, prevent to a greater degreee these tell all signs of experience. I hope to make you aware of some of the best options in anti-wrinkle methods below. As always, I will offer you a mix from the eastern and western medical practices and let you decide which one may be the right choice for you!

Advance Wrinkle Preventing Methods

These focus on preventing dynamic wrinkle formation…which ultimately results in less static wrinkles as well. Think about how if we limit folding a piece of cardboard to only a few times… permenant line will result. Its only if we continue to bend it the same way many times that a permenant crease will form. The aim is to limiting the number of times we fold or bend the skin in a certain way and therefore prevent certain wrinkles from appearing on our skin at rest.

       1. Baby Botox

I think by now, we all are aware of Botox and its uses to relax muscle motion and therefore minimize appearance of present wrinkles and prevent there formation.

For those that need reminding Botox is Botulinum toxin type A, a purified protein and neurotoxin produced by a bacteria bacterium Clostridium. When minute amounts are injected locally into muscles it blocks release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for activation of muscle contraction.

Botox is many times used to paralyze facial muscles so to completely inhibit dynamic wrinkle formation all together.  This is a great way to prevent wrinkle formation but cannot leave the face with unwanted frozen or unnatural look. Recently,  doctors have caught on to the demands of the public and developed and new philosophy or Botox application. This novice application, referred to as “Baby Botox”, consists of using small or “baby” doses of Botox to weaken but not eliminate the muscle movement. This muscular weakening prevents the aggressive facial movements which attribute to deep wrinkle formation. Those of you who were worried this method had something to do with Botoxing your baby can now relax!!! (:

Botox results

Baby Botox can be used earlier in younger patients to prevent formation of wrinkles and will also prevent necessity of using larger does in future.

  • Treatment details

Botox takes only about 10 min to apply but may take up to a week to appreciate the finally result. Your doctor or aesthetic practitioner will use tiny needles to inject small quantities of Botulin toxin A into the musculature around forehead. This is a virtually painless procedure which only rarely results in a slight bruise at the injection site. Once injected, you cannot lie down or massage area for 4 hours in order to prevent the injected toxin from moving out of the injected area.

Baby Botox

  • Other Considerations

Other aesthetic uses for Botox involve treatments of wrinkles around eyes, mouth, nose and neck. These are considered safe and effective uses, but, are considered “off –label”, since not approved by the FDA. There are also over 20 FDA approved medical uses for Botulinum toxin A, all of which will not be discussed in this post!

Botox is the trademarked brand name for Botulinum toxin A by Allergan. They are the first company to purify and get FDA approved for cosmetic use in treating glabellar wrinkles. Since then other brands have gotten approval for safe use. These alternative Botulinum toxin A brands include Azzalure, Bocouture, Dysport, and Xeomin. There are slight differences between brands but I will not cover this topic in present time. For more information, please click on the name of the product.

Use of Botox and its competitors, may come with risk and some side effects. By administering these products appropriately,and by using low doses, we are assuring extremely low incidence of such events. Pregnant women, those who have egg allergies or neuromuscular disorders are not candidates.

Like all aesthetic procedures, success is user dependent! Make sure you put your face in the hands of someone skilled and with an artistic eye!


   2.  Iovera by Myoscience

I was recently introduced to this innovative method of wrinkle relaxation. It is a toxin free alternative to preventing muscular movements which attribute to wrinkle formation. This is not only an ideal treatment for those wary of injecting any sort of nonorganic substance into the face but also for those who want to see immediate result of muscle relaxation.

Iovera Focused Cold Therapy

It creates intense focused cold, inducing frost formation between three probes to inactivate the activity capabilities of nerves responsible for stimulating muscle contraction. The Iovera device was originally devised by a small group of engineers who started a company called MyoScience with hopes to produce a muscle relaxing device using cold technology. With the help of their medical advisor and now director, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Palmer, they were able to redirect their efforts and come up with a nerve numbing superstar…. This tiny device, the size of a cordless house phone, helps doctors inject tiny probes into the skin to freeze nerves responsible for forehead muscle contraction. The treatment results is the temporarily inactivation of these nerves and therefore inability to form dynamic wrinkling in the cooresponding area. This innovative minimally invasive treatment, allows us to achieve almost immediate resolution of dynamic forehead wrinkles, toxin free!

  • Treatment Details

Doctor numbs the templar area of forehead with a bit of local anesthetic. Once area numbed cold therapy delivered via probes into several areas of temple, until sufficient inactivity seen in forehead muscles. The doctor will acess this by asking you to frown and lift eyebrows several times after delivering each cycle of the cold therapy. When you are satisfied with smoothness seen in forehead skin while making these facial expressions, your doctor will stop treatment and apply compression to treated area for about 10 minutes.  At the end of your session you should see complete treatment result….a dramatic wrinkle reduction and smoothness in the forehead area without the use of any toxins or forgein material!

iovera focused cold therapy before and after

Before and After your “Frotox” therapy!

Results last around 3 months.

  • Other Considerations

This is a new treatment NOT  yet FDA approved in the USA for aesthetic use. It IS US approved for use in the treatment of peripheral nerve pain. This means that patients suffering with chronic mucsculoskeletal pain may now have an alternative to the dangerous use of long-term medications.. In Europe and Canada, however, we DO have approval for cosmetic use and Iovera is quickly becoming the official new rage in the treatment of wrinkles. With luck, Iovera will be in a clinic near you shortly and you too will have a choice as to which wrinkle therapy best fits your lifestyle!

I love the idea of a wrinkle treatment sans the systemic risks associated with toxins….don’t you??

3. Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

For those who want to forgo western medicine technology all together and go for a more natural approach for fighting wrinkle formation….acupuncture might be just what the doctor ordered. This risk-free treatment has been used in China for decades as a way of preventing wrinkle formation. Those concerned with western rejuvenation techniques should know there are gentle preventative treatments which show promise in fighting signs of aging. Recent studies presented in the Journal of Clinical Acupuncture showed that 90 % of clients who participated in cosmetic acupuncture showed overall skin quality and tone.

Acupuncture promotes circulation, healing and encourages collagen and elastin production; this improves tone and elasticity and therefore resistance to wrinkle formation. Also by inducing relaxation and stress reduction we prevent muscle overuse associated with wrinkle formation. The premise is that the outward beauty and youthful qualities of the skin reflect the inner peace and fitness of your nervous system which is gained by doing acupuncture.

  • Treatment Details

Cosmetic Acupuncture

During treatment the acupuncture practitioner will slowly and virtually painlessly insert sterile fine needles into the skin. This is done strategically to target certain energetic pathways, which have been proven to relieve certain ailments associated withstree, aging and wrinkle formation.

Results will not be as dramatic as western medical interventions for wrinkles but will last longer and have internal benefits associated with acupuncture as well. You will be less tense, more relaxed, sleep better and have an overall improved sense of well-being. Less stress will mean less frowns, worry lines and grimaces associated with discontent. As a result of treatment, you will be gentler with the facial expressions known to accelerate wrinkle formation. This along with improved overall health of facial skin will result in wrinkle prevention.

No risk, no downtime, healthy wrinkle prevention…..I’m in!


     4. Facial Yoga

Last but not least…an alternative for those who want to practice a wrinkle prevention mechanism which shares the no risk profile of cosmetic acupuncture, but without the use of needles at all! In fact, you can practice this daily in the comfort of your own home and at no additional cost!

Facial Yoga consists of a series of facial movements studied to encourage muscular tone and tissue health. Some of these movements are shown below.

facial yoga movementfacial yoga movementfacial yoga movement

“I’m teaching my students to consciously release muscles rather than paralyzing them, which is what Botox does,” says New York instructor Annelise Hagen.

By training muscles to remain relaxed and not tense up we can prevent them from getting hypertrophic because of overuse (reflecting expressions secondary to stress). The result over time is better toned muscles, healthier tissue and a more relaxed face which results in less wrinkle formation.

  • Practice Details

You can see a typical sequence for prevention and treatment of lateral eye wrinkles often referred to as “crows feet”, as described by Annelise Hagen on a You Tube video posted here.

For begginers it may be a good idea to attend a session taught by a well trainined instructor, buy a book or watch a few videos!

It would be great to practice this at a time of day when feeling a bit stressed and facial muscles a bit tense.

  • Other Consideration

This may be a great tool in prevention and overall tone maintenance but once wrinkles start setting in you may want to consider additional therapies.

For more information on improving overall skin quality, elasticity and tone, make sure to check in for future posts! More ideas on how to prevent skin wrinkling, sagging and youthfulness is soon to come! Thanks for following me on this exciting journel in aspiring to preserve youthful function and appearance! Remeber to follow me on my Facebook Page AntiAgeingSavantess! I hope to give you current updates on new products, treatments and lifestyle tips for ultimate health and beauty! Cheers!

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