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For those near their ideal weight , lumps and bumps could be frustrating ..especially after months of commitment to the gym and a healthy diet. Now with top notch technology you can get the results, you thought just wasn’t in your DNA. Below I give you the skinny on these body shaping wonder devices!  Say goodbye to love handles, pudgy bellies and saddlebags safely ,with the help of your trusted doctor!

Body Shaping Solutions

The below technologies are non-invasive (no needles, knives or probes used), effective and most importantly, when in experienced hands, safe!

The first 2 options are one time wonders, although can be repeated for further benefits. The last 2 are treatments which are a bit more affordable per session, but need to be repeated to get the appreciated results.

What’s HOT?       Liposonix by Solta Medical


The Technology:   High frequency Focused UltraSound energy is used to thermally induce fat cell destruction at a fixed depth within the fat.  This highly focused way to using the potent energy ultrasound (U/S) assures a controlled and selective way to  destroy the fats cells permanently. That said, Liposonix offers consistent results and allows the doctor the ability to shape and contour with high efficiency and ease.

how liposonix works

The Promise:    Thanks to its thermal effects, targets fat with the additional benefit of collagen stimulation and skin firming. Each treatment  is about an 1 hour long and yields a drop in 1 dress/pant size.  “The Custom Contouring™ capabilities of the Liposonix® System is deemed elite in that it allows fat elimination and contouring in ONE SINGLE SESSION. 

FDA:    Approved for non-invasive waist circumference reduction (i.e abdomen and flanks). In Europe have approval to additionally treat thigh circumference, hips, “saddle bags” and for buttock contouring (think tight round and smooth Buttock!).

The Procedure:   Doctor will mark the desired areas for contouring then target treatment by placing transducers over marked areas.  You will feel heat as the energy created by the US works to destroy fat cells.  Bruising and swelling are usually evident by the next day and may take a few weeks to resolve. Patients also say the treated area can be sensitive, “like recovering from intense workout”. Results become apparent after about 2 months with maximal improvement at 12 weeks. Additional treatments can be decided on for further contouring and fat loss. No additional life style modifications are needed to get a successful result…just don’t gain weight!!

The Price:  1500-3000 Euros

The Savants:  Try Clinica Diego de Leon in Madrid, Dr. Proebstle in Germany, Dr. Alexandrides in London, Dr. Chapas in New York or Dr Baumann in Miami. For a doctor near you check out physician locator on the website.

Whats Cool?     CoolSculpting by Zeltiq

Cool Sculpting

The Technology:    Cryolipolysis is procedure that uses a targeted cooling process to decrease temperature of the fat cells to the point they are no longer viable. This process destroys fat cells so the body can then use its natural healing processes to eliminate them.

The Promise:   Targets fat cells without effecting healthy skin cells. Studied and proven to be completely safe to all surrounding tissues, making it a gentle and organic approach to target fat.

cool sculpting before and after

FDA:   Cleared for the treatment of fat in the area of the flanks (love handles) and abdomen.

The Procedure:   After evaluating the area to be treated, your doctor will strategically place a gel pad and then the device panel on the marked skin. Each area  takes about 60 minutes to treat. Treatment time varies from 1-3 hours (depending on the amount of areas you need treated). Patients described the experience as an intense pulling of the skin accompanied by and intense cold feeling which they eventually grow accustomed to.  Post treatment, patients may complain of mild numbness, itching or stinging. Results can be seen after 2 months but may improve up to 6 months after treatment.

The Price: Depends on size of area to be treated but averages $1000 per area.

The Savants:  Try Dr Ribe in Barcelona,  Dr Mayoral in Miami, Dr Narurkar in San Francisco or Dr Braithwaite in Chicago. For more doctors in your area visit the Cool Sculpting Doctor finder.

What’s painless?        I-Lipo by Chromogenex

I Lipo

The Technology:    Uses low-level laser beams (650nm) to facilitate the release of a fat blasting enzyme called lipase. This enzyme works break down and release fat from cells so that it could be metabolized by the body and burned as energy. This procedure DOES NOT destroy the fat cells, but instead empties them so to shrink them in size.

The Promise:   Using a safe, painless procedure you can now shrink areas of concern in a way you would with diet and exercise but in targeted nature and with immediate results seen after a short treatment session. I Lipo maximizes workouts effectiveness by accelerating fat burning and sculpts your body in ways not possible without professional intervention.

I lipo before and after

FDA: Approved for waist circumference reduction.

The procedure: 8 treatments needed (2 treatments/week) Need to exercise 35-40 minutes post treatment to get results.

The price: Averages about 300 Euros/ $250 per treatment.

The Savants: Dr Leonard Grossman MD from New York, Jon Perlman in Beverly Hills or in London try London Harley Street Hethe Boutique Clinic. Check him out here Talking with Dr.Oz. For other doctors in your area check out the website here.

What’s got potential?      UltrashapeV3 by Syneron/Candela

UltraShape V3

The Technology:    Uses the acoustic properties of Ultrasonic energy to mechanically break down a specific volume of fat at a specific depth. The difference with this device, and others using ultrasound, is that the ultrasound energy is pulsed into the fat layer in a way which prevents it from causing any temperature increase (thermal effect). Its premise being that pulsed US without thermal effects is a more gentle and safer treatment. The new Ultrashape V3  uses a synergy of its pulsed focused ultrasound and a vacuum-assisted radio-frequency to causes immediate destruction to the fat cells by strictly mechanical means; preventing collateral damage to other tissues and side effects.

The Promise:    Helps selectively and permanently rid your body of localized fat deposits in multiple body locations. The treatment promises safe, and effective fat removal, with little- to -no discomfort.  The added radio-frequency allows additional skin tightening to treated area.

FDA:  UltraShape V3  approval is pending in the US and it is therefore NOT distributed in the USA.  You can seek treatment in Europe, Canada, Asia or Australia.

The Procedure:  Once your areas of concern are marked the device calibrated to your specific concerns, treatment head is positioned to deliver the first round of radio-frequency. This warms the skin slightly for some rejuvenating benefits and makes the fat more susceptible to the effects of the ultrasound portion of the treatment.  Ultrasound energy is then delivered according to device monitor to assure even and thorough treatment of the targeted fat. Unlike most localized fat treatments, UltraShape V3 is commonly described as quite painless procedure. The protocol usually consists of 3 treatment sessions spaced one month apart.  Each treatment lasts about 30 minutes and results are most often seen within a few weeks.  It  is common to lose 2cm of circumferential fat loss with each treatment. Check this video for more information on how UltraShapes works.

ultrashape V3 before and after

The Price:    Each session costs an average of $700 per treatment.

The Savants: Try Dr. Tufet in Barcelona, Dr. Khanna in Montreal or Dr Gary Cussel in Sydney.  For more doctors in your area contact Syneron or Candela.


What’s right for you?

Whether you’re battling the bulge or just pressed for time and want to look perfect for an event… one of these devices might be right for you!  Remember, these work best when you are at, or close to, your ideal weight and furthermore won’t work if have an unhealthy lifestyle!   I truly believe these devices can offer supreme solutions for the appropriate and healthy patient! So if you have worked hard to get yourself healthy and fit, but, feel you deserve that extra little push to get that body you always dreamed of….Go for it!

Cheers going the extra mile to look and feel your best!! Take care, stay healthy and see your doctor for extra support!!

Get into your jeans!

Feels great to finally get into those jeans!

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Goodbye Cellulte

Now that we have addressed both skin and legs along our Body Project Journey, it’s seems quite appropriate to address another potential road-block in our pursuit to bare-it-all during the warm months….cellulite. Women of all ages and sizes are hassled with this skin nuisance and many partake in what seems a life time of discouraging battles to get rid of it.  Creams, treatments, wonder diets and supplements all take advantage of women’s determination banish cellulite…. But what can REALLY be done?

Cellulites’ pathophysiology is complex and no formula can ever fully reveal a universal plan to target its resolution.  Like most aesthetic and health concerns, the best actions are those which are premeditated with the understanding of the condition itself. With this post, I hope to give you the information you need to make the best decisions and, at the least, minimize the extent to which cellulite affects you. As most aesthetic specialists would certainly agree, cellulite has no cure and treatment can be difficult…. but solutions do exist! Below you will find a summary of the what, the why and the how to’s when it comes to understanding and treating your cellulite.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is really the symptom of a series of structural and circulatory morphologies and processes.  Some of cellulites’ attributes are due to subobtimal health, others, as explained below, are gender specific or due to hormone. In Summary, as a result of what is happening in the skin, the fat, your superficial circulatory system and muscles….. you display this visual condition referred to as Cellulite.

For those men and lucky women unfamiliar cellulite, I have posted a picture of it below!  It is the wavy, orange peel or cottage cheese-like appearance of the skin. It is most often experienced in the buttock, thigh and hip area but can occur almost everywhere on the body.

What is cellulite?

The Attributing Factors : A briefing

  • Sex: Your gender plays a big role in your tendency to form cellulite.  About 90% of women suffer from cellulite, while only about 5 % of men.

Here are 3 good but unfair reasons women suffer more.

1.  The structure and organization of the adipose layer (also referred to as the subcutaneous fat layer -SQ) predisposes women to cellulite. This is the most important factor attributing to women’s tendency to develop cellulite. Due to lack of male hormones, the connective tissue in the SQ layer develops very differently in women than in men. Women’s adipose tissue is constrained within chambers due to the orientation of the fibrous septae (connective tissue bands within the SQ). This chamber organization forces expanding volumes of fat to push up through the skin and cause dimpling  or uneven skin surface we see as cellulite. Men’s connective tissue is organized in the SQ in a way that allows the fat to expand horizontally, without causing superficial skin irregularities.

why women get cellulite

2.  Women tend to deposit fat in the hips, thighs and buttock, while men tend to gain more evenly adding less stress to any specific body part.

3.  The thickness of our skin: In general, men have thicker skin than women, especially in the area of the buttock and            thighs. Thicker skin is more resistant to the fat pushing up on it and also hides any structural deficits happening below            its surface.

  • Hormones:  Hormones affect every system in the body, tissues within the fat and skin are not exempt from their powers.  Tissue elasticity around and within the fat layer,  peripheral circulation and water retention all play a big role in cellulites appearance.  Those who suffer from abnormally high or unbalanced hormones do not adapt well to the structural and circulatory implications incurred from the hormones themselves.  These individuals more often suffer from abnormal accumulation and swelling of adipose tissue, impaired skin and fat circulation and toxin accumulation. All of these implications contribute to cellulites worsening appearance.

cellulite formation

  • Diet: Your diet is VERY important in maintaining a healthy fat layer.  You want to eat in a way which assures best microcirculation of the skin and fat, minimizes the accumulation of toxins and exogenous estrogens which are all stored in fat, and prevents retention of liquids in the fat.
  • Skin Quality: The  better, thicker and younger skin you have the less apparent everything that is happening below it will be. Genetic, sun damage and overall health can affect the quality of your skin. Genetics and gender you cannot control, but proper care of your skin and general health can help minimize cellulites appearance.
  • Muscle Tone: Since the SQ fat sits directly over muscle, muscle tone can affect the health of your fat layer and the appearance of cellulite. If you have toned muscles, you are actively and routinely massaging the fat layer, encouraging improved circulation and drainage of fluids and toxins. Toned muscles also help encourage a stronger connective tissue network throughout the fat and increase fat metabolism. All these sequels result in a smoother, more compact and healthier fat layer and reduced cellulite.


             OBJECTIVE #1: Improve Skin Quality, Make Skin Thicker

  • HABIT:
    • Use Topical Cream with Retinoids. Retinoids, like vitamin A has been shown to increase healthy cellular turnover of the skin and density of the epidermis with long term use. Some research also shows improvement of dermal thickness (the dermis is the collagen rich skin layer). The result of consistant use of a trusted retinol containing product is a smoothing, plumping effect, leaving the skin healthier, more radient and minimizing imperfections. \. Try ROC body products, they are famous for their effective retinol products.  For more body cream reccomendations check out my previous post The Body Project Skin Essentials.

RoC body products for cellulite

    • Radiofrequency– Will stimulate new collagen and elastin in both dermis and SQ layer. This will plump skin, improve elasticity and improve fibrous band integrity in the SQ. By shortening and tightening of fbrous bands within the SQ, RF can additionally improve wavy appearance attributed to cellulite condition.Try Thermage Monopolar RF, strengthens, tightens and improve skin quality in just one treatment, $2500-3000 per treatment.

Thermage Body

             OBJECTIVE #2 : Improve Circulation and Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage

  • HABIT:
    • Watch your diet– Avoid Alcohol, Salt, Preservatives, Non-Organic Meat and Dairy. These will all swell the fat, challenge proper circulation and drainage, make fat accumulation easier and fat loss harder. Also, make sure to incorporate foods which stimulate healthy circulation, fat metabolism and toxin elimination. Check out this link for some cellulite fighting breakfast foods.
    • Swim– Swimming is one  the best exercises to combat cellulite. Not only is it ideal to tone muscles, but massages tissues in a way favoring proper circulation and health. Swimming alone for 6 months has shown a immense benefits without any other method implemented.  I can’t tell you how many AntiAging and Dermatology conferences I have sat in that consistantly reported the benefits of swimming and lymphatic massage one of the best remedies for cellulite!

    Swimming benefits

    • Drink water lots of water, skip high sugar and unnatural beverages as this will contribute to fat swelling and toxin accumulation associated with cellulite.
    • Manual Lymphatic Massage– Light Massage, when performed accordingly, can help activate the lymphatic system, allowing faster and better removal of lymphatic fluid, toxins and debris out of SQ fat. For more massage benefits check out my previous post  “5 reasons Massage Therapy is AntiAging”
    • Endermology– Uses mechanical rollers to mobilize fat and stimulate tissue. Studies of biopsies have shown increase production of elastin and collagen density in both skin and connective tissue in fat layer resulting in some softening of superficial irregularities and fat reduction.
      • Try Vela Shape– Classic Endermology results are not very impressive, however. the VelaShape device enhances its efficacy by combining it with suction, Infrared (IR) light and Radiofrequency energy. The additional heat created by the light and RF, enhances microcirculation, improves skin quality and induces tightening. All these benefits thicken skin and optimizes circulation helping improve cellulite.

               OBJECTIVE #3 : Work On The SQ Fat Layer

  • HABIT:
    • Incorporate Weight Training and Toning Exercises– As mentioned above, by keeping muscles tone, we can assure healthier overlying SQ tissue and minimize the extent at which cellulite appears. As mentioned, swimming is great, but the addition of  multi-dimensional muscle toning sequences can provide excellerated benefits.
      • I love this series for an amazing leg toning workout,  I literally discovered yesterday! Check it out here. It’s from a great website called GymRa which allows you to be your own personal trainer.
body toning for cellulite

Let’s help manage cellulite by keeping mucles toned

    • Use Topical Skin Products containing Methylxanthines (e.g., caffeine, aminophylline, and theophylline). Methylxanthines are agents that stimulate lipolysis, or fat breakdown.  While studies have reported consistent decrease in thigh circumference with use of these products, there have been mixed results concerning their efficacy for cellulite. With this said, Dr. Oz says those products containing over 5% of the mentioned ingredients work!! I have to admit…I love and trust the Dr. Oz team, so might be worth giving it a go!

Vichy CelluDestock for Cellulite

    • MesoTherapy– Involves use of micro-injections of biological agents to promoting breakdown of fat and hopefully appearance of cellulite. Doctors combine substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes in hopes to stimulate fat breakdown improve cellulite. The most common and most important ingredient studied in cellulite treatments is known as Phosphatidycholine.
      • Although this practice is widely accepted in Europe, it is NOT FDA approved due to lack of consistency in methods and consequently results. With so many other better developed procedures, I don’t feel worth the risk.
    • Subscision- A minor surgical treatment that uses a needle instrument to break irregular connective tissue bands within the SQ fat layer. By releasing these bands the fat is released into a more natural position and therefore less likely to bulge causing the classic dimpling and skin elevations associated with cellulite.
      • Note: Although subcision can offer substantial improvement of cellulite after only one session, the technique isn’t well documented and therefore success of treatment can be variable. Furthermore, you must be prepared for weeks to months of recuperation and the possibility of side effects such as skin pigmentation. Success of treatment is totally dependent on your doctor’s experience, only trust an expert!.Here a YouTube Video of the procedure being done.




  • SmoothShapes SV: This device incorporates a 915nm laser and a vacuum component to help more specifically heat and treat fat.  Additionally, it uses a 650 LED light source to mobilize treated fat and fluids in the SQ into the lymphatic circulation. The rollers in the handpiece provide massage while the suction helps bring the fat into the handpiece for better treatment. A total of eight treatments are needed over a span of 2 months. Treatments are fast and low on pain. For those who are seeking professional, predictable and safe treatment of mild cellulite, SmoothShapes may be the right treatment for you! Average cost per treatment is $400.

SmoothShapes for Cellulite

     INVASIVE OPTIONS: Like liposuction, these modalities target fat reduction with added benefit of restructuring SQ layer. The laser or ultrasound is incorporated to soften or liquefy fat for easier removal.  A pen-like instrument helps deliver laser/US energy in to the fat layer while mechanically breaking collagen fibers within the SQ fat. The heat created tightens skin  by improving elasticity and thickness of the underlying connective tissue. These procedures are considered minimally invasive, but, DO require anesthesia and have down time. They offer impressive results after only one treatment. Treatment cost run about $5500 per session.

  • Cellulaze by CyanosureThis Lipo-sculpting device uses  1440 nm side laser fiber sub-dermally.  Works mechanically to smooth protruding fat pockets by subcising them and releasing the fibrous septae. The laser creates heat from within the fat layer, softening fat and stimulating dermal collagen remodeling and production.  Currently Cellulaze is considered the most effective the treatment for moderate to severe cellulite therapy.


  • VaserSmooth– This is the newest ultrasound assisted liposuction device. The use of ultrasound to allows physicians to work quicker than ever and promise their patients less downtime and side effects than any other modality used for fat or cellulite.  Those experienced with the device are betting VaserSmooth takes over as the newest Cellulite superstar!

vaser smooth cellulite results


I hope with this little Cellulite Review you better understand the nature of this bikini season nightmare! Prior to investing costly quick fixes, I encourage you to take a couple of months and focus of the basics.

My formula is one which consists of the essential 4 points below. As always, I stress healthy practices which will bring to your life much more than aesthetic benefits! Remember if you focus on health, the beauty will come naturally! I guarantee if you stick to the plan for 3 months you will see significant improvement SANS expensive devices and treatments!

  • Avoid foods sources harboring exogenous estrogens and preservatives!– Eat organic and mostly vegan foods.  Diet sodas and sugary, fried and packaged foods must be eliminated.  Since your fat harbors all toxins and excess hormones, you will see a tremendous improvement just by cutting out harmful food sources! See toxin and fat relationship in my previous post “Your Waistline and Health”
  • SWIM!! If cellulite is a major concern for you, I will again highlight the benefits of swimming! Swimming at minimum 3 times a week can do wonders for your lymphatic system and overall connective tissue health!
  • Get Weekly or Bi-Monthly Lymphatic Massages. Again, massage is a preventative health method consistently overlooked!  As mentioned, healthy lymphatic circulation is required to help flush the fat of toxins and liquids which cause disfigurment and dysfunctional processes associated with Cellulite. The aesthetic benefits of lymphatic drainage alone may be temporary, but, in combination with improved diet and excercise, could be key in preserving cellulite free skin!
  • Make sure getting Daily Fiber and Purified Water quota. This will help flush out toxins, improve circulation and health. All this will assure maximum energy levels, enhance immunity, stabilized mood and physical sense of “lightness” we need to stick to our healthy diet and lifestyle plan!

If you have tried these tips and still feel need extra support from treatments and products go for it!!

Cheers to smooth, tight and toned lower bodies!!!

Lovely cellulite free legs

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