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Summer life tough on skin

I won’t ask you to give up summer

With summer going strong, skin rejuvenation seems far off focus. Tans and parties seem to take the front seat. For now, sun damage, discolorations and broken vessels must wait till fall to get attended (for their treatments are too aggressive in times of intense sun exposure). As disappointing as holding off on your favorite beauty solutions may be, we CAN improve skin quality during these happy but skin-taxing months!  Its true sunspots and redness make skin look old but NOTHING is as concerning as when you start to see your skin sag, eyes droop and skin crinkle.

Prevent skin sagging

It’s for this reason why summertime can be an ideal time to work on this loss of skin structure and strengthen the skin from within.  The “non-surgical lift and tuck” requires use of technologies that don’t sensitize melanocytes or cause risky inflammation, even if your agenda may include trips to the beach. It is for this reason that I feel that we should take advantage of the off-laser season and focus on rebuilding what may have been torn down over the years. By working with Radio Frequency or Ultrasound, we can stimulate collagen production,  induce dermal remodeling and improve skin health. If you choose to undergo these procedures you can recreate a more youthful, tightened and lifted version of yourself. Best yet, this is done all without surgery and enhances your skins propensity to age prematurely.

Skin skin in its place...non surgical lift

Below, I list some of my favorite skin tightening treatments. From head to toe, you can smooth out imperfections and contour your skin to a place where you now only imagine it was once!!


Thermage is the pioneer is non invasive skin tightening with over a million treatments performed, it is the most trusted device of its kind!


The Technology:

 Thermage uses Monopolar Radio Frequency for deep and safe volumetric dermal heating.

Best for:

Thermage Eyes Non surgical lifting

Thermage Jawline results

In my opinion, it has unsurpassed results for facial shaping, jaw defining and eyelid tightening. Thermage is also great for body skin rejuvenation, however is an expensive option.


  • Clinical Research: Like mentioned above, Thermage is the pioneer in non-invasive skin tightening and because of this has more studies backing up it’s science, safety and effectiveness than any other device of its kind.
  • CPT for Comfort: Thermage uses Comfort Pulse Technology which involves strategically coordinated bursts of cooling and vibration to improve comfort and safety . The CPT also allows Thermage to use higher and more effective doses of RF in the deep skin layers.
  • Single Treatment: Most can achieve substantial results after only a SINGLE TREATMENT. While most Radiofrequency treatments require several treatments to achieve similar results, most patients are satisfied after only one treatment of Thermage .  Thermage is famous for its “One Treatment Once a Year” to maintain skin health and firmness.
  • Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty: Only FDA approved treatment for tightening of eyelid.  It’s results are NOT as effective as a surgical blepharoplasty but, for those wild mild to moderate eyelid hooding and refuse to go under the knife, Thermage is a great option.

The Procedure:

Thermage procedure

After assessing where your skin would most benefit from strengthening, tightening and slight lifting, your practitioner will place a treatment guidance grid on those areas of your skin. The grid is used as a map for the doctor to assure delivering the correct dose of Radio Frequency energy to each square centimeter we desire to strengthen and plump. Throughout the treatment, coupling gel is placed on the skin surface to make sure the RF energy is delivered evenly and safely from the hand piece into the skin. The hand piece is moved in a sequential and strategic fashion along each square of the grid while delivering RF in one square, before moving on to the next.  Once the area is sufficiently heated, your practitioner will use the same hand piece to deliver RF to specific sites in order to  achieve a contouring and lifting effect. The treatment can take between 45 min – 90 min, depending on the size of the area to be treated.   Improvements post treatment can be appreciated as early as a day after treatment and can continue to improve up to 6 months after.


  • Slight Discomfort: Most pulses of RF are painless but in a few sensitive areas you might feel a sharp deep heating sensation. On a positive note, if you do feel any discomfort, it quickly dissipates as soon as the pulse is over.
  • Costly for Large Areas

The Cost:

Average cost 2000-3500 Euros per treatment.



Ulthera is an alternative treatment for single session skin tightening and remodeling. Ulthera is indicated  to lift, tone, and tighten loose skin on the brow, neck, and under the chin.


The Technology:

Ulthera uses Ultrasound to tighten skin and muscle by initiating healthy metabolic activity and reparative processes.

Best for:

I like it best for the neck and brow area.

Ulthera Neck

The Benefits:

  • See it than treat it approach”: It’s the only device of its kind that so accurately previews exactly at what depth going to treat in the skin. Using diagnostic US Ulthera can image and project on-screen where the SMAS muscle layer is.  The doctor can then use the data concerning the thickness of your skin and location of this muscle layer (SMAS) to make sure we treat at an adequate depth to tighten both skin and muscle.
  • More Similar to Surgical Lift: As mentioned above, the Ultrasound energy is focused on the SMAS muscle layer. The SMAS is an important target as it will create the tightening of the skin to the muscle and give results more similar to surgical correction of neck and face.
  • Neck and brow area: Again, with Ulthera, there are incredible lifting results seen for the neck and brow area. I prefer Ulthera for the neck area over Thermage (mentioned above) or Elixis Elite. (discussed below).

The Procedure:

ulthera procedure

Once skin is assessed and Ulthera device correctly calibrated for your treatment, another layer of ultrasound gel is placed on the skin. The hand piece is then passed section by section to the area you desire to improve, until the whole treatment zone is treated. Once the entire zone is treated, your Ulthera therapy is complete. The treatment time is usually between 60-90 minutes. The improvement appears gradually over 2-3 months and may take up to 6 months post treatment to appreciate full improvement. The skin will visually appear healthier and you will notice a shifting of the skin to a more youthful position.


  • Discomfort: Most patients need to take some sort of oral pain medication. The treatment is quite uncomfortable for many patients.  Additionally, sensitivity may persist days after treatment in some sensitive individuals. For this reason, I feel best for smaller areas of concern.

The Cost:

2000-3000 Euros per treatment


Elixis Elite

Exilis Elite uses volumetric heating of the deep skin layers to and produce long-term benefits to the skin. The heating stimulates the collagen and helps empty localized fat deposits. The final result is smoother, firmer and defined skin.


The technology:

Elixis effectiveness is primarily based on a high frequency Monopolar RadioFrequency energy. Effective doses of RF are possible because of a sophisticated cooling system. This feature allows the doctor to measure and modify temperature and intensity as it aims to treat different areas of the body.

Best For:

Elixis can be performed on both the face and body, but, in my opinion, is best for the décolleté and body areas.  Elixis is very gentle for the thin skin of the décolleté and is much more affordable for those who want an effective treatment for body skin toning. I especially like Elixis for the saggy leg skin as it is a difficult and expensive to treat with other modalities.

exilis results

Exilis Results

The Benefits:

  • NO Pain: The procedure is painless and no medication or anesthesia is ever required. Using an Energy Flow Control System (EFC), Elixis assures homogenous treatment of the entire treatment zone. This avoids energy peaks which could put the patient at risk for over-treatment and side effects in certain areas.
  • Effect on Fat: Additionally Elixis Elite may have some effect on Fat, shrinking the  volume of the treatment zone as well. For this reason, your doctor may insist you do a bit of exercise post treatment to aid in the lymphatic systems removal of fat from your system!
  • Rapid Treatment: Each area can be treated in 15-20 minutes making treatment of several areas in the same session possible.

The Procedure:

Exilis Procedure

During treatment skin temperature is assessed to stay within range of therapeutic but safe heating profiles. The applicator will cool the skin externally while stimulate the deep skin layers from within. During an Exilis treatment, precisely controlled radio frequency energy heats the deep skin layers. This heat causes fat cells to shrink and contracts the skin tissue, stimulating new collagen production in the process. You may feel a deep but tolerable heating sensation during treatment. Patients usually.  start seeing the results after only a month post treatment. Like Thermage and Ulthera, patients may continue to improve months after the last treatment.


  • Multiple Treatments: Exilis must be repeated 3-6 times over 2 months to obtain maximum results.

The Cost:

150-250 Euros per treatment. (remember 3-6 treatments most often necessary)



Some Additional Facts

  • All devices are considered “without downtime”: You can continue on with your normal life right after treatment. The only precautions are taken for the first 24 hours where we advise avoiding direct sunlight and intense exercise.
  • You may experience a flash improvement. This occurs immediately after the procedure and is due to either slight swelling or temporary contraction of the collagen fibers! You will love your fresh look post treatment but know that this may go away within a day of your treatment! I often tell patients to take advantage of this and plan a social event that evening!
  • Unlike laser, these treatments are colorblind!! They can be used on all skin types without any risk! In fact, the darker your natural skin type, the more likely you have high fibroblastic activity! This means you produce collagen faster and are more likely to get fantastic outcomes!
  • The degree which you improve from these skin-tightening wonders can vary based on your bodies own genetic potential to heal and regenerate collagen. This is affected by your genetics, diet and lifestyle.
  • You can help enhance your results by eating foods that encourage collagen production. Check out my post here “Eat Yourself Beautiful”.
  • There are also fantastic supplements, which supply primarily amino acid building blocks. Providing the right amino acids assures that our body has the supply it need to construct new collagen we have encouraged with the treatment.  Try Proglyme.
  • Finally, preparing the skin with treatments such as PRP or Fraxel can help initiate the health and circulation of skin prior to your skin tightening treatment.  This prepping process will help assure you get the most of your Skin Tightening procedure.  Since Fraxel is not recommended until after the summer months PRP would be an excellent option. For more on PRP check our my previous post “PRP and the Vampire Facelift
  • Finally for some recommendations on products which help encourage body skin health and tone please check “The Body Project: Skin Essentials”.  Vitamin C is a core ingredient which you should look for when choosing a collagen protective cream.  Those organic creams with natural plant anti-inflammatories can also protect your skin from stress and accelerated degradation of your skins natural collagen.
Thermage, Ulthera, Exilis Non Surgical Lifting

Keep skin naturally fit and tone!!

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Now that we know what nutrients can help us protect, plump and burn us beautiful, we can continue to enhance our aesthetics by incorporating foods aimed at detoxing, toning and supporting healthy vessels. Below, I list some of the key nutrients and foods key in our mission to cultivate natural beauty through health.

detpx for beauty

Why is detoxing or “gut purification” important? By incorporating detox foods we can purge the body of harmful substances which cause less than optimal function and appearance of the body.  These foods can mean better absorption of nutrients, more energy, a sharper mind and of course more beautiful hair, skin and overall physique. For more on some benefits, see my previous post where I talk about benefits of such practices ¨Pre Hoilday Detox¨

detox for healthy digestion

To appropriately support our bodies attempt to eliminate what is harmful and function well, we need to optimize liver, kidneys and gut function. To do this, we must both clean and stimulate these organs.  The foods listed below can help us do just this.

Chlorophyll: Assists in  the digestion and the elimination of toxic metals, herbicides, chemicals, metals and pesticides. Chlorophyll, also, helps promote flow of cleansing bile and enzymes which aid in digestion and liver function.

Best Sources: Blue green algae, wheatgrass, spirulina, spinach, chard, and arugula.

Chlorophyll for Detoxification

Vitamin C: As you may have noticed in my past posts, this super vitamin is essential to many bodily functions. It´s role in detoxification stems from it´s ability to transform toxins into digestible materials which can then be easily eliminated out of the body. Vitamin C also aids digestion, stimulating digestive enzymatic processes, and promotes faster metabolism of nutrients.

Best Sources: Lemons and Grapefruits are best for detoxification. Drinking water with these fruits can help support the detox function.

 lemons and grapefruit for detox

Catechins: A plant antioxidant known to increase liver function and prevent fat accumulation in liver. A fatty liver is consistent with damage and disease, so it´s prevention is valuable in maintaining liver health.

Best Source: Yes Again…..Green Tea. Green Tea is also light diuretic and vasodilator, assuring higher rate of filtration of lymphatic and circulatory fluids.

green tea smoothie detox

Turmeric:  This pungent Indian Spice has a protective function for the liver and the ability to regenerate damaged liver cells.  Tumeric like, chlorophyll can boost bile production and positively affect gallbladder function.

Best Ways to incorporate Tumeric into your life: Check out this website here from MindBodyGreen.

turmeric for detox

Variety of Raw or Juiced vegetables. The combination of these vegetable stimulate various enzymatic processes and help cleanse and purge the body of toxins accumulated.

Some Must-Add Varieties: Almost all fruits and veggies add value to digestive health but some have a bit more weight.

raw food detox

  • Avocados, Kale and Brussel sprouts:   These contain a rich source of Glutathione, a compound with strong detoxifying power, which helps breakdown carcinogens and fight free radicals. These foods actively promote liver health by protecting it against toxic overload, and boosting its cleansing power
  • Walnuts: Contain high levels of l-arginine, an amino acid, glutathione, and omega-3 fatty acids, also help detoxify the liver of disease-causing ammonia.
  • Watercress: Has the ability to improve elimination of carcinogens in urine, increase antioxidant levels and reduce the cancer related DNA damage.  Studies have shown watercress to be very helpful in smokers, helping excrete higher amounts of the dangerous carcinogens in the urine.
  • Artichokes: Contain cynarine which Increase bile production and improve digestion.
  • Cranberries: With natural antibacterial, antioxidant (hippuric acid), antiviral and  probiotic benefits, the cranberry has potent power for restoring digestive and urinary health. Organic juices are usually the best source.
  • Pears, Apples, Guava, Raisins : These fruits supply us with an important fiber known as Pectin. Pectin facilitates the elimination of harmful substances through the digestive tract. Pectin also promotes cellular turnover in the colon and helps prevent colon cancer.

Probiotics:  By supplying bacteria to the intestines we can aid in optimal digestion and detoxification processes.

Best Source: Organic Kefir

organic lactose free kefir

Note: Remember the best detox foods are organic varieties. Organic food is grown with the careful exemption of  harmful or unnecessary substances that may be linked to health hazards.


Tone muscles mean a faster metabolism, a better figure and less apparent cellulite.  These nutrients will help your body get the fuel it needs to build long, lean and healthy muscle.

eat for tone muscles

Omega 3 fatty acids: Once again this super nutrient commands recognition. Not only is it a super anti-ageing food, but, it supports muscle health and tone. Omega 3s increase blood flow to the muscles, keeping them well nourished while, at the same time, protecting them from breakdown.  Omega 3s also, with their anti-inflammatory properties, cut down on muscular recovery time after strenuous physical activities.

Best sources: Cold water fatty fish, flax seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts or algae. Supplements are also an option. For more on best Omega 3 benefits check out my post here on ¨10 AntiAging Things you can do everyday.”

omega 3 sources

B Vitamins: B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6 (pyridoxine), B7 (biotin), and B12 (cobalamin), each essential for protein metabolism, energy production and nerve health. All of these processes are vital for muscle function and preservation.

Best Sources: Whole grains, eggs, lean meats, legumes, nuts, leafy greens, and fortified cereals. Fellow vegetarians beware!! If you are not eating eggs, you might need to take a vitamin B12 supplement as its only found in animal products! Vitamin B12 is essential for nerve health and muscle contraction!

B vitamin sources

High Protein Foods: Our body needs protein sources to create muscle.

Best Sources: Egg whites, whey protein, white fish, chicken breasts, lean beef, tofu, or beans and lentils. Nutritionists recommend  2 servings of high-quality, lean protein a day, (each serving about a cup), to maintain muscular tone and health.

protein for muscle

Low or Non Fat Dairy: These dairy choices provide a type of protein called casein which because digested slower, supplies the body with energy and nutrition over a long time. Also the calcium content in dairy has great benefits to muscle. Calcium is essential for muscle contraction and growth. Also, helps prevent muscle cramping during workouts. This said, lean dairy is great muscle-building food pre and post-workout for those who want to maintain long lean physiques!

Best Sources: Try organic low-fat cottage cheese and non-lactose fat-free milk. For those who don’t consume dairy, the fortified dairy-free products, can also be a great source of calcium and lean protein.

low fat cottage cheese great protein source

Note: Of course, to build and maintain muscle, there are other choices your nutritionist may recommend. The above choices, are just some nutrients I have found most consistent and helpful in my own journey to keep fit and tone!


Studies have consistently proven that what we eat can help improve our circulatory health. By normalizing intravenous pressure and reinforcing the vascular structure, the right nutrients can make vessels more resistant to the induced stress and damage. The aesthetic result is a decreased tendency to form unsightly varicose and spider veins.  The following nutrients will provide you with the support your veins need to assure best circulatory health and flawless legs. For more on maintaining healthy leg circulation and preventing vascular lesions check out my previous post on here. For some insight on how to treat varicose and spider veins, check out another post I wrote on the subject here.

leg diet

Polyphenols:  A group of flavonoids, known for their ability to protect the vascular system by preventing oxidative stress. They do this by preventing the aggregation (clumping and sticking) of low-density lipoproteins (LDL aka bad cholesterol). They also act to improve overall circulation by stimulating the  vessels to vasodilate.

Best Sources: Pomegranates and Rosemary.

 pomegranates for vascular health

Quercetin-3-rutinoside or Rutin: An essential flavonoid with ability to improve venous circulation by decreasing capillary permeability and strengthening the walls of veins. Rutin is flavonoid, or plant pigment with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and vaso-protective properties. Rutin works together with Vitamin C to strengthens the walls of you veins, leaving them healthier, more tone and with the ability to withstand higher pressures and stress.

Best Sources: Buckwheat, berries, citrus fruits, and green tea.


Buckwheat and berries for vein health 

Betacyanin: A plant pigment and potent antioxidant. Betacyanin is  especially helpful in protecting the vessels walls from being damaged by oxidative stress. In addition to reducing LDL cholesterol, it reduces levels of homocystein in the blood. Homocystein is an amino acid known to be quite harmful to blood vessel walls. For this reason keeping homocystein levels low with betacyanin sources, is considered protective for the vessels.

Best Source: Beets

Beets for vein health

Anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins: These plant sourced pigments help support the structural integrity of the vessels and improve overall venous circulation. These are especially valued because of their anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-cancer activities.  Additionally, they assist in healthy behavior of platelets, and repairing damaged vessels.

Best Source: Berries


berries for vascular health 

Bromelain and Other Fibrinolytic Compounds:These increase the fibrinolytic activity and therefore prevent fibrin deposits within the vessel walls. Fibrin deposits cause vessels to harden, increasing intravascular pressure and damage.

Best Sources: Cayenne pepper, Ginger and Pineapple.

Pineapple and cayenne pepper for vascular health

Asparagine: An amino acid that serves as a natural diuretic, helping remove fluid and preventing edema. Since edema can cause increased pressure on the venous circulation, preventing it means less stress on your valves and vessel walls. Less stress means less damage on the veins and decreased incidence of spider and varicose veins.

Best Source: Asparagus

Asparagus for vein health

So now that you have all the knowledge you need to Eat Yourself Beautiful, I encourage you not to wait! Make all your meals about nurturing your body to function optimally and reflect the ravishing nutrition you so carefully chose for it!

Cheers to delicious food and getting a bit closer to what nature intended us to portray…. our most raw form of beauty!

natural beauty

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Goodbye Cellulte

Now that we have addressed both skin and legs along our Body Project Journey, it’s seems quite appropriate to address another potential road-block in our pursuit to bare-it-all during the warm months….cellulite. Women of all ages and sizes are hassled with this skin nuisance and many partake in what seems a life time of discouraging battles to get rid of it.  Creams, treatments, wonder diets and supplements all take advantage of women’s determination banish cellulite…. But what can REALLY be done?

Cellulites’ pathophysiology is complex and no formula can ever fully reveal a universal plan to target its resolution.  Like most aesthetic and health concerns, the best actions are those which are premeditated with the understanding of the condition itself. With this post, I hope to give you the information you need to make the best decisions and, at the least, minimize the extent to which cellulite affects you. As most aesthetic specialists would certainly agree, cellulite has no cure and treatment can be difficult…. but solutions do exist! Below you will find a summary of the what, the why and the how to’s when it comes to understanding and treating your cellulite.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is really the symptom of a series of structural and circulatory morphologies and processes.  Some of cellulites’ attributes are due to subobtimal health, others, as explained below, are gender specific or due to hormone. In Summary, as a result of what is happening in the skin, the fat, your superficial circulatory system and muscles….. you display this visual condition referred to as Cellulite.

For those men and lucky women unfamiliar cellulite, I have posted a picture of it below!  It is the wavy, orange peel or cottage cheese-like appearance of the skin. It is most often experienced in the buttock, thigh and hip area but can occur almost everywhere on the body.

What is cellulite?

The Attributing Factors : A briefing

  • Sex: Your gender plays a big role in your tendency to form cellulite.  About 90% of women suffer from cellulite, while only about 5 % of men.

Here are 3 good but unfair reasons women suffer more.

1.  The structure and organization of the adipose layer (also referred to as the subcutaneous fat layer -SQ) predisposes women to cellulite. This is the most important factor attributing to women’s tendency to develop cellulite. Due to lack of male hormones, the connective tissue in the SQ layer develops very differently in women than in men. Women’s adipose tissue is constrained within chambers due to the orientation of the fibrous septae (connective tissue bands within the SQ). This chamber organization forces expanding volumes of fat to push up through the skin and cause dimpling  or uneven skin surface we see as cellulite. Men’s connective tissue is organized in the SQ in a way that allows the fat to expand horizontally, without causing superficial skin irregularities.

why women get cellulite

2.  Women tend to deposit fat in the hips, thighs and buttock, while men tend to gain more evenly adding less stress to any specific body part.

3.  The thickness of our skin: In general, men have thicker skin than women, especially in the area of the buttock and            thighs. Thicker skin is more resistant to the fat pushing up on it and also hides any structural deficits happening below            its surface.

  • Hormones:  Hormones affect every system in the body, tissues within the fat and skin are not exempt from their powers.  Tissue elasticity around and within the fat layer,  peripheral circulation and water retention all play a big role in cellulites appearance.  Those who suffer from abnormally high or unbalanced hormones do not adapt well to the structural and circulatory implications incurred from the hormones themselves.  These individuals more often suffer from abnormal accumulation and swelling of adipose tissue, impaired skin and fat circulation and toxin accumulation. All of these implications contribute to cellulites worsening appearance.

cellulite formation

  • Diet: Your diet is VERY important in maintaining a healthy fat layer.  You want to eat in a way which assures best microcirculation of the skin and fat, minimizes the accumulation of toxins and exogenous estrogens which are all stored in fat, and prevents retention of liquids in the fat.
  • Skin Quality: The  better, thicker and younger skin you have the less apparent everything that is happening below it will be. Genetic, sun damage and overall health can affect the quality of your skin. Genetics and gender you cannot control, but proper care of your skin and general health can help minimize cellulites appearance.
  • Muscle Tone: Since the SQ fat sits directly over muscle, muscle tone can affect the health of your fat layer and the appearance of cellulite. If you have toned muscles, you are actively and routinely massaging the fat layer, encouraging improved circulation and drainage of fluids and toxins. Toned muscles also help encourage a stronger connective tissue network throughout the fat and increase fat metabolism. All these sequels result in a smoother, more compact and healthier fat layer and reduced cellulite.


             OBJECTIVE #1: Improve Skin Quality, Make Skin Thicker

  • HABIT:
    • Use Topical Cream with Retinoids. Retinoids, like vitamin A has been shown to increase healthy cellular turnover of the skin and density of the epidermis with long term use. Some research also shows improvement of dermal thickness (the dermis is the collagen rich skin layer). The result of consistant use of a trusted retinol containing product is a smoothing, plumping effect, leaving the skin healthier, more radient and minimizing imperfections. \. Try ROC body products, they are famous for their effective retinol products.  For more body cream reccomendations check out my previous post The Body Project Skin Essentials.

RoC body products for cellulite

    • Radiofrequency– Will stimulate new collagen and elastin in both dermis and SQ layer. This will plump skin, improve elasticity and improve fibrous band integrity in the SQ. By shortening and tightening of fbrous bands within the SQ, RF can additionally improve wavy appearance attributed to cellulite condition.Try Thermage Monopolar RF, strengthens, tightens and improve skin quality in just one treatment, $2500-3000 per treatment.

Thermage Body

             OBJECTIVE #2 : Improve Circulation and Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage

  • HABIT:
    • Watch your diet– Avoid Alcohol, Salt, Preservatives, Non-Organic Meat and Dairy. These will all swell the fat, challenge proper circulation and drainage, make fat accumulation easier and fat loss harder. Also, make sure to incorporate foods which stimulate healthy circulation, fat metabolism and toxin elimination. Check out this link for some cellulite fighting breakfast foods.
    • Swim– Swimming is one  the best exercises to combat cellulite. Not only is it ideal to tone muscles, but massages tissues in a way favoring proper circulation and health. Swimming alone for 6 months has shown a immense benefits without any other method implemented.  I can’t tell you how many AntiAging and Dermatology conferences I have sat in that consistantly reported the benefits of swimming and lymphatic massage one of the best remedies for cellulite!

    Swimming benefits

    • Drink water lots of water, skip high sugar and unnatural beverages as this will contribute to fat swelling and toxin accumulation associated with cellulite.
    • Manual Lymphatic Massage– Light Massage, when performed accordingly, can help activate the lymphatic system, allowing faster and better removal of lymphatic fluid, toxins and debris out of SQ fat. For more massage benefits check out my previous post  “5 reasons Massage Therapy is AntiAging”
    • Endermology– Uses mechanical rollers to mobilize fat and stimulate tissue. Studies of biopsies have shown increase production of elastin and collagen density in both skin and connective tissue in fat layer resulting in some softening of superficial irregularities and fat reduction.
      • Try Vela Shape– Classic Endermology results are not very impressive, however. the VelaShape device enhances its efficacy by combining it with suction, Infrared (IR) light and Radiofrequency energy. The additional heat created by the light and RF, enhances microcirculation, improves skin quality and induces tightening. All these benefits thicken skin and optimizes circulation helping improve cellulite.

               OBJECTIVE #3 : Work On The SQ Fat Layer

  • HABIT:
    • Incorporate Weight Training and Toning Exercises– As mentioned above, by keeping muscles tone, we can assure healthier overlying SQ tissue and minimize the extent at which cellulite appears. As mentioned, swimming is great, but the addition of  multi-dimensional muscle toning sequences can provide excellerated benefits.
      • I love this series for an amazing leg toning workout,  I literally discovered yesterday! Check it out here. It’s from a great website called GymRa which allows you to be your own personal trainer.
body toning for cellulite

Let’s help manage cellulite by keeping mucles toned

    • Use Topical Skin Products containing Methylxanthines (e.g., caffeine, aminophylline, and theophylline). Methylxanthines are agents that stimulate lipolysis, or fat breakdown.  While studies have reported consistent decrease in thigh circumference with use of these products, there have been mixed results concerning their efficacy for cellulite. With this said, Dr. Oz says those products containing over 5% of the mentioned ingredients work!! I have to admit…I love and trust the Dr. Oz team, so might be worth giving it a go!

Vichy CelluDestock for Cellulite

    • MesoTherapy– Involves use of micro-injections of biological agents to promoting breakdown of fat and hopefully appearance of cellulite. Doctors combine substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes in hopes to stimulate fat breakdown improve cellulite. The most common and most important ingredient studied in cellulite treatments is known as Phosphatidycholine.
      • Although this practice is widely accepted in Europe, it is NOT FDA approved due to lack of consistency in methods and consequently results. With so many other better developed procedures, I don’t feel worth the risk.
    • Subscision- A minor surgical treatment that uses a needle instrument to break irregular connective tissue bands within the SQ fat layer. By releasing these bands the fat is released into a more natural position and therefore less likely to bulge causing the classic dimpling and skin elevations associated with cellulite.
      • Note: Although subcision can offer substantial improvement of cellulite after only one session, the technique isn’t well documented and therefore success of treatment can be variable. Furthermore, you must be prepared for weeks to months of recuperation and the possibility of side effects such as skin pigmentation. Success of treatment is totally dependent on your doctor’s experience, only trust an expert!.Here a YouTube Video of the procedure being done.




  • SmoothShapes SV: This device incorporates a 915nm laser and a vacuum component to help more specifically heat and treat fat.  Additionally, it uses a 650 LED light source to mobilize treated fat and fluids in the SQ into the lymphatic circulation. The rollers in the handpiece provide massage while the suction helps bring the fat into the handpiece for better treatment. A total of eight treatments are needed over a span of 2 months. Treatments are fast and low on pain. For those who are seeking professional, predictable and safe treatment of mild cellulite, SmoothShapes may be the right treatment for you! Average cost per treatment is $400.

SmoothShapes for Cellulite

     INVASIVE OPTIONS: Like liposuction, these modalities target fat reduction with added benefit of restructuring SQ layer. The laser or ultrasound is incorporated to soften or liquefy fat for easier removal.  A pen-like instrument helps deliver laser/US energy in to the fat layer while mechanically breaking collagen fibers within the SQ fat. The heat created tightens skin  by improving elasticity and thickness of the underlying connective tissue. These procedures are considered minimally invasive, but, DO require anesthesia and have down time. They offer impressive results after only one treatment. Treatment cost run about $5500 per session.

  • Cellulaze by CyanosureThis Lipo-sculpting device uses  1440 nm side laser fiber sub-dermally.  Works mechanically to smooth protruding fat pockets by subcising them and releasing the fibrous septae. The laser creates heat from within the fat layer, softening fat and stimulating dermal collagen remodeling and production.  Currently Cellulaze is considered the most effective the treatment for moderate to severe cellulite therapy.


  • VaserSmooth– This is the newest ultrasound assisted liposuction device. The use of ultrasound to allows physicians to work quicker than ever and promise their patients less downtime and side effects than any other modality used for fat or cellulite.  Those experienced with the device are betting VaserSmooth takes over as the newest Cellulite superstar!

vaser smooth cellulite results


I hope with this little Cellulite Review you better understand the nature of this bikini season nightmare! Prior to investing costly quick fixes, I encourage you to take a couple of months and focus of the basics.

My formula is one which consists of the essential 4 points below. As always, I stress healthy practices which will bring to your life much more than aesthetic benefits! Remember if you focus on health, the beauty will come naturally! I guarantee if you stick to the plan for 3 months you will see significant improvement SANS expensive devices and treatments!

  • Avoid foods sources harboring exogenous estrogens and preservatives!– Eat organic and mostly vegan foods.  Diet sodas and sugary, fried and packaged foods must be eliminated.  Since your fat harbors all toxins and excess hormones, you will see a tremendous improvement just by cutting out harmful food sources! See toxin and fat relationship in my previous post “Your Waistline and Health”
  • SWIM!! If cellulite is a major concern for you, I will again highlight the benefits of swimming! Swimming at minimum 3 times a week can do wonders for your lymphatic system and overall connective tissue health!
  • Get Weekly or Bi-Monthly Lymphatic Massages. Again, massage is a preventative health method consistently overlooked!  As mentioned, healthy lymphatic circulation is required to help flush the fat of toxins and liquids which cause disfigurment and dysfunctional processes associated with Cellulite. The aesthetic benefits of lymphatic drainage alone may be temporary, but, in combination with improved diet and excercise, could be key in preserving cellulite free skin!
  • Make sure getting Daily Fiber and Purified Water quota. This will help flush out toxins, improve circulation and health. All this will assure maximum energy levels, enhance immunity, stabilized mood and physical sense of “lightness” we need to stick to our healthy diet and lifestyle plan!

If you have tried these tips and still feel need extra support from treatments and products go for it!!

Cheers to smooth, tight and toned lower bodies!!!

Lovely cellulite free legs

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leg vein care

After reading The Body Project Leg Veins Part I, I hope you have a better understanding of why spider veins and varicose veins might develop and how you might be able to prevent the extent at which they affect you. Here, in the second part of this series, I hope to enlighten you on the options available to treat these conditions. From Sclerotherapy to surgery there are effective solutions! Below, I hope to help to decifer which treatment modality may be right for you.

  1. Sclerotherapy:


  • What is it? Your specialist will inject small amount of saline (essentially salt water) or chemical detergent into the lumen of the vein. This will damage and collapse the superficial, aesthetically displeasing, vein. Over days to weeks, the body will dispose of the remaining debris from the damaged vein.
  • What kind of veins is it best for? Spider veins or small varicose veins
  • Treatment and aftercare? Your doctor will use a tiny needle to inject a small amount of the chosen product into each vein. It may burn a bit but is generally well tolerated.
    • Afterwards your doctor will compress the injected site with a cotton ball and place tape over it to hold it in place. You will be instructed to wear compression stockings for a few days. Once you take the stockings off, the bandages can be removed and, you should see a notable improvement. It may take an additional couple weeks to see complete resolution of any redness or bruising.

spider vein tx

  • How much does it cost? $250-350/ session. You will need 1-3 sessions spaced at about 6 weeks apart.
  • Additional considerations? Best to do in winter as the injection sites take a few weeks to heal and must be kept out of the sun.
  • Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy? For bigger veins your specially trained physician will use ultrasound – sound waves  – to guide the procedure for maximum accuracy and safety.
foam sclero pic

Foam Sclerotherapy Technique

  • Foam sclerotherapy?Is a technique where the sclerosant is mixed with air or gas in a syringe to make a foam. This foam is then injected into the veins and is more capable to making contact with the walls of the vein to cause consequent spasm and closure.  Some experts are now saying this is the gold standard for small to medium size varicose veins.

2.  Laser Therapy

laser leg veins

  •  What is it? Using a laser, specific for the chromophore hemoglobin (the portion of a red blood cell responsible for giving its color), we can heat the vein from within and damage the vessel permanently.
  • What kind of veins is it best for? Veins less than 3 mm in diameter and most commonly red spider veins, telangiectasias or telangectasic matting (collection of superficial micro blood vessels that often occurs as a result of injury or sclerotherapy).
  • Treatment and after-care? Your doctor or specialist cool the area to be treated and then will deliver laser pulses to several areas along a vein until it blanches or gives indication for successful treatment. Each pulse feels a bit like a rubber band snap. It’s a bit uncomfortable but is over quite quick.
    • No bandaging involved but your doctor might prescribe a soothing serum and support stockings. Once again sun exposure is to be avoided at all costs while the treatment area is healing.
  • How much does it cost? $150-$300 per session. Like sclerotherapy, you may need up to 3 sessions.
  • Additional considerations? There are a variety of different lasers that can be used. Depending on the color, size or the depth of the vein being treated, you doctor may decide to use one type over another. Some of the laser options available in doctors offices are 532nm KTP, 755nm Alexandrite or 1064nm Nd:Yag.
  • Laser Therapy is considered an acceptable option for spider veins and telangectasia BUT most agree sclerotherapy is best for those veins you can get a needle into. Laser therapy is a great option for those with facial telangectasias or those who just don’t like needles.  Like most laser treatments, you must avoid sun while skin is healing.

3.  IPL

IPL leg veins

  • What is it? IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light. Unlike a laser, which uses a specific wavelength to treat a target of a specific color (chromophore) and depth, IPL uses a light spectrum of many different wavelengths. This means:          1)  IPL, using many different wavelengths, can treat may different targets of varying depths and chromophores. Being less specific has advantages and disadvantages. Advantage being it can treat for skin quality, pigment problems and vascular issues in the same treatment! Disadvantage being we ar more at risk of affecting skin color when treating a vein; this puts darker skin types at risk for pigment changes and side effects.                                                                                               2) IPL is a much less powerful treatment than laser for any specific condition. For this reason you may need several treatments of IPL to get the same result as one treatment with laser.
  • What kind of veins is it best for?  Its best for telangiectasias, hemosiderin staining and residual redness after alternative vein therapy treatment. IPL is the gold standard for mild to moderate Rosacea.
  • Treatment and after-care? After applying a protective gel, your doctor will  place a cooled crystal tip of varying sizes over the area of concern. Several pulses may be delivered to each site until a visual darkening or resolution of the vascular defect is noted. No specific after care is called for however most often, a hydrating serum or reparative balm may be prescribed along with sunscreen.
  • How much does it cost? $200-$400. If you don’t improve after 1-2 treatments  you may need to consider a different treatment modality.
  • Additional considerations?  Extra care must be taken with darker skin individuals as IPL, since less specific for blood hemoglobin, can impose higher risk of pigmentation irregularities secondary to treatment.

4.  Invasive Options: Endovenous Ablation and Vein Stripping

     RadioFrequency (RF) or Laser Endovenous Ablation (EVLA)

  • Procedure: Your doctor will use ultrasound to guide him in the correct treatment of the varicose vein.. A needle will be inserted into the vein to help wire and catheter placement. Next a probe is inserted into the catheter tube in order to be treat the varicose walls from within with the RF or Laser. Both mechanisms will use heat to damage the inside of the vein. This damage will shut down the vein and cause the body to eliminate the damaged portions.
  • Envenous Ablation is considered a minimally invasive procedure. It is best indicated for medium to large size varicose veins and is considered a less risky treatment that Vein Stripping (see below).

EVLA varicose treatment

  • RF causes less heat than laser and therefore may be a gentler form of endovenous ablation to damage the varicose veins. New studies report less side effects with RF.
  • Both RF and laser endovenous ablation techniques use tiny incisions that heal without stitches and rather quickly.
  • These treatments can usually be done on as an outpatient basis but someone must drive you home after treatment to avoid agitation to treatment area.  Compression stockings are to be worn continuously for two weeks after endovenous ablation and  you are not allowed to get the area treated wet during this time.
  • Although one treatment takes care of most bothersome vasculature and relieves any associated discomfort, an additional treatment may be necessary to see complete aesthetic resolution of varicosities.
  • Those with spider veins, hemosiderin staining or telangectasic matting, will benefit from additional treatment of IPL and sclerotherapy.
  • Treatments average about $1200 a treatment session.


     Vein Stripping:

  • Vein stripping is an older surgical technique in which your doctor will make incisions to remove unwanted portions of the vein.There are some doctors extremely experienced with this technique but stripping requires longer recovery and carries increased risk of side effects and DVTs.
  • For smaller varicose veins a procedure called hook phlebectomy can be used. Hook phlebectomy consists of the use of multiple small incisions to “hook and fish out” the vein using surgical hooks or forceps. The procedure is done under local or regional anesthesia, in an operating room or an office “procedure room.”
  • Larger veins require larger incisions made behind the knee or in the groin area. These incisions require several stitches and therefore are associated with increased risk of infection.  Anesthesia is always needed as well as an overnight stay.

vein stripping results


Last but not least, I’m happy to report a new exciting approach to varicose veins just on the horizon! Lucky for me I happen to have spent a lovely evening with Dr Proebstle of Mannheim Germany at a Solta Event Launching their new Total Tip for Thermage.  Dr Proebstle is a valued visionary and practitioner in the field of dermatology. This said, he often helps medical companies improve and test their newest and most innovative products. He shared with me his preliminary thoughts on VenoSeal varicose vein therapy. Here is what I found out!

VenaSeal new varicose vein treatment

newest treatment modality for varicose veins

  • The treatment involves injecting a glue type substance called Cyanoacrylate into the veins. This glue shuts off the lumen and causes a foreign body reaction forming fibrosis (a scar) in place of the damaged varicosity and therefore aesthetic resolution.
  •    This treatment protocol has been previously performed by vascular surgeons to safety treat congenital vein abnormalities, but, only recently, attempted for varicose vein treatments.
  •  The VenaSeal treatment is quick…most take only about 15 minutes.
  •  Requires no anesthesia or use of compression stockings, and normal activity can be resumed immediately after treatment.
  •   Currently this treatment is being studied in an international trial –eSCOPE (European Saphenous Closure System Observational Prospective) and is only available to those patients whose doctors are acting as trial investigators.
  •  It is NOT FDA approved but we are hoping commercial availability in Europe soon!

Check out this video here for more details

Which procedure is right for you?

  • All techniques are effective when conducted by experienced practitioners.
  • I often find that the best treatments are not device or procedure dependent but depend on the expertise of the doctors or specialist performing them.
  • You must get a consult from a several highly recommended providers. They will access your health and individual needs prior to recommending one procedure over another.

Will they return once treated?

For many, Yes. Unfortunately, if you have a strong family history of accumulating spider or varicose veins, others will form with time. However, if you take my tips from the first part of this series seriously, you can slow the rate at which they tend to sprout. Again, check out my tips here!

If these veins are an inevitable part of your future,  be aware of what you can do to make sure your lifestyle, diet and habits don’t contribute to the gravity of their presence. Also, once you have them, it’s a good idea to treat them early and prevent them from progressing into more than just aesthetic nuisances. Especially with varicose veins, the older they become the more likely to get larger, more painful, and complicated to treat!

Bottom line….get proactive, see a specialist and one step closer to replacing those leggings for summer dresses and boy shorts!

get nice legs

Cheers to silky smooth stems!!


summer ready legsBEAUTIFUL LEGS 101: Who is in?

  Talking about mini-skirts in my Body Project: Skin Essentials post, … me thinking about a few other conditions we must address prior to showcasing our summer-ready legs. One of these conditions is what I have found to haunt even the best cared for physiques….unsightly leg veins!

varicose vein

lets get a handle on how to prevent unsightly leg veins

The veins in our legs have an important and difficult job.  They push deoxygenated blood back up towards our hearts to be filtered and re-oxygenated.  The aesthetically bothersome leg veins are referred to as varicose and spider veins. These are the types of leg veins bring women into clinics seeking care. According to the women’s health organization they affect over 50% or all women and over 40% of all men.  They seem to creep up on us slowly and then get worse when we are not paying attention.  They also tend to shock us from time to time, appearing in places we thought we might be spared. They are not pretty, make us feel old and bring attention to our legs in ways we do not desire…they must go!  So what can we do about them?? I am breaking up this topic in 2 posts. Below I list the useful facts about this topic and important information to everyone on how to prevent them from appearing or getting worse.


What are spider veins and varicose veins and why do they form?

Varicose veins are winding and twisting tubular or cord-like structures that appear on legs. Not only are these a bit unsightly but they can get quite painful when swollen. Varicose can vary in size, depth, elevation and range from flesh to purplish in color. Varicose veins are a result of something called venous insufficiency (VI). VI results because the valves within the veins responsible for keeping blood flowing upward against gravity,  get compromised (damaged or lose stiffness). The reason for this valvular compromise can be genetic, due to hormones, or associated with certain environmental factors such as diet, medications and activity. VI is also strongly associated with those who are overweight. Compromised valves have both health and aesthetic consequences; making it harder for these veins to do their job. When the valves get damaged, veins must compensate by getting wider, thicker and taking extra turns to make sure blood continues in the right direction and at the correct pace. This ultimately causes the vascular disfigurement we refer to “varicose veins”.

formation varicose vein

A spider vein, also known as a telangectasia,  can be a less concerning, but more common sign of a compromised or challenged superficial venous vascular system. They result for much of the same reasons as varicose veins but also as a result of an injury to the superficial skin and tissues.  Spider veins, look like varicose veins but are usually much smaller (less than 1mm in diameter), and most often not raised.

spider vein formation

Other Contributing Factors

As we age, our vessels, like our skin, lose elasticity and get weaker and more susceptible to damage. Older veins are unable to handle the pressure younger vessels are able to withstand and our valves break easier causing more blood pooling and further weakening and disfigurement of the veins.

As mentioned above genetics and hormones also help dictate which individuals suffer most often from varicose and spider veins.  Your genetics will dictate what type of valves you have and sometimes if you even have them at all!

Those who have family history of varicose veins are 50% more likely to suffer from them. Evidence of this lies in the fact that not even olympic athletes are not spared from developing spider and varicose veins.

Surges of estrogen and progesterone from pregnancy and supplementation can make us more susceptible to vein damage.

Some other environmental factors encouraging formation of varicose and spider veins: sun damage, excess weight, excess blood supply associated with pregnancy, constipation, injury or compromise to legs, hips or groin area, and prolonged standing or sitting.

Apart from the aesthetic, are there any medical concerns of which one should be aware of?

Yes, if your leg veins hurt when standing or walking or you notice a sore forming near one of the varicose veins, you should seek medical advice. The medical concerns that may arise as a result of varicose veins are:

  • Venous stasis: Chronic blood pooling in the low leg could result in a skin condition known as stasis dermatitis. Stasis Dermatitis occurs because of the mounting pressure within the varicose vein results in sub-optimal nutrition of the surrounding skin. The skin becomes dark, dry or scaly and is more susceptible to ulceration formation. Once an ulcer forms, it can take months of professional care to heal and has high probability for reoccurrence.
  • Superficial Phlebitis: Inflammation of the superficial vein may arise if a clot forms in a varicose or other superficial leg vein. If you notice your vein become warm, inflamed and tender…call your doctor immediately. Although superficial phlebitis is usually not usually associated with the dangers of a deep vein phlebitis, you should go and see your doctor so he can assure the low risk nature of your symptoms.  Most often the superficial phlebitis will resolve with elevation of the leg,  warm compresses, some aspirin and elastic support.
  • Thrombosis: Those with severe varicose veins may be at risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVTs. DVT risk is increased with valvular insufficiency of the deep venous vascular system. DVTs are life-threatening, as the clots formed can dislodge and head straight for vital structures such as the heart or lungs.   If you feel heavy pain, swelling and tenderness of your leg (most often your calf) which gets worse with upward bending of your foot…go to the emergency room immediately!


Although the tendency to accrue leg veins is highly genetic and based on sensitivity to certain hormones, there are certain things we can do to help prevent them.

  • Exercise to help improve the overall health of the circulatory system, give optimal tissue nutrition and function.
keep legs fit and encourage vein health

Keeping legs fit promotes optimal vascular health

  • Maintaining healthy leg muscle tone, this will take some stress of the venous valves as the muscles will help stimulate blood flow in the right direction…..YOU NEED TO EXERCISE!
  • Maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding mid-section weight accumulation will limit pressure on the legs.
  • Avoiding extended hours on our feet and when sitting elevate legs to give lower venous vascular system a rejuvenating rest.
  • Avoid crossing your legs for long periods of time, especially on airplanes. This constricts blood flow in the veins, making more work for the venous vascular system of the legs.
crossing legs puts stress on circulatory sytem of legs

Beware of sitting cross legged for extended periods

  • Practice inversions: Legs up wall pose, shoulder stands and head-stands are ways you can offer extra relief to the venous vascular system. I propose incorporating a 10 minute gentle relaxation/ inversion pose after you daily exercise. This will do wonders for your legs, metabolism and brain. Check out my post here “ABCs for a Rejuvenated Morning”.
inversions help vein health

Marilyn practicing Shoulder-Stand

  • Wear support stockings when necessary and whenever possible.  According to the Center of Vein Restoration “Gradient compression socks or stockings help improve the blood flow by compressing the veins and making the valves in the veins work more efficiently. This is done by delivering the highest level of compression at the ankle and gently decreasing this pressure up the leg.  Improving blood flow helps the wearer experience immediate relief from tired, aching legs”.
  • There are 3 kinds of compression stockings: Support pantyhose (no graduated, offer little support throughout the leg), gradient compression hose (offer more compression in the places most needed), and prescription strength compression hose (offer best and most pressure but need to be fitted and prescribed by professional). The last two can only be bought in drugstores and by medical supply companies…they are extremely effective but  often less fashionable ): Lucky for us a woman in southern california started a brand that are actually quite fun!….., check out her website and styles here
rejuvahealth compression stocking

Rejuva Health Fashionable compression stockings

  • Massage and Lymphatic drainage to improve health of overall tissue, lymphatic and vascular system. Warning: if you experience pain with pressure applied to affected area of legs, do not get a massage and get a medical consult! To learn more on Massage benefits check out my previous post here!

lymphatic drainage for leg health

  • Eat a diet high in fiber and low in salt. This will help prevent digestive constipation and water retention which can attribute to increase pressure on the venous vascular system.
  • Avoid using undergarments which squeeze hips, groin and low abdominal area; this could make more work for the leg veins to work against when trying to push blood through this area.  I always tell people to beware of those tummy and buttock shapers if not equally providing support for the legs. These are ok for a few hours for a special occasion but regular use of extra tight support in this low middle area might encourage the formation of spider or varicose veins…especially if you have a genetic tendency!
  • Wear comfortable shoes and avoid wearing high heels for long periods of time. Comfortable shoes cause less stress on our vascular system and therefore less trauma to our vessels and better circulation. Low heeled shoes can help tone our calve muscles, improve vein health and aid proper venous flow.
comfy feet for spider vein prevention

If you can’t live without heels, make sure they are comfortable!

  • Don’t Smoke. Smoke can inhibit optimal blood circulation and contribute to Vitamin C and Bioflavinoid deficiencies leading to poor elastin and collagen production and weakened vessels.
  • Take leg protecting supplements which include helpful ingredients such as Vitamin C and B, hesperidin, diosmin, Fish oil, Gingko, Bacopa and Grape Seed. These ingredients help strengthen vascular structure and promote circulatory health
    • Other supplements shown to improve venous insufficiency symptoms are Bilberry, Gotu kola, horse chestnut, butchers broom.
    • An example of a supplement which incorporates many of these ingredients is Swanson Time Release Leg Vein Essentials.

swanson leg vein essentials

  • Increase foods high in antioxidants to improve tissue health and circulation: blueberries, green tea, grapes, berries, pineapples, chillies, dark chocolate, garlic, turmeric, fish, ginger and olive oil.  For a list of foods which have shown promise in keeping veins healthy go to

So I hope you got the background you needed to identify and understand what these leg nuisances are, why they form and what we can do to prevent them. For those of you who have already experienced an encounter with spider or varicose veins, check out my upcoming post “Leg Veins Part 2: The Solutions”. It should be out in a few days!!

Until then, I beg all shoe makers….please invent sexy, comfy, not-to-high heeled and fashionable shoes!! For the sake of conserving our young and beautiful legs!! We will be forever faithful!  Anyone got any leg friendly and fabulous shoe favs??? Please share!

inversion helps maintain leg health, Antiageingsavantess

Handstand in heels anyone…nice balance, don’t you think??

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