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meAbout Me

The blood running through me is a hundred percent Slavic. It is from my Serbian blood which I derive my passion, determination, values and playfulness. Growing up and finishing my career in the US I learned ambition, confidence and work ethic. Lastly, the remainder of my adult life in Miami and now in Spain I nurtured my senses of taste, beauty and in general, life… I picked up a bit of spice.

It is from my life experiences, studying medicine and working with the most demanding physicians and patients that I have become the perfectionist I am today. I am on a journey to develop a formula for perfect skin health and delay its propensity to look old.

I spend most of my life now running around between Europe and the US furthering my education on skin health, aesthetic procedures and age prevention. I then use this knowledge to educate doctors how to improve outcomes of aesthetic procedures. I now would like to share my knowledge of all I am learning and give you insight on the best anti-ageing methods, products, treatments and those professionals worldwide, responsible for helping you stay looking your healthiest and best.

Find out more about me on my linkedin profile.

About the Blog: Cultivating Youthful Impressions

The process of aging elegantly includes a mixture of techniques including the right diet, lifestyle…

November 11, 2012

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  1. donnaanderson01

    Hi! Thank you for your interest in my blog. I also love your blog and it is nice to know that we share the same passion. I think i would be able to learn a lot from your blog. Thanks!


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